Sunshine on a cloudy day

These photos are from the “Sunshine Market” in St. Helena, NAPA.  I’m obsessed by this market and cannot leave without making a stop.  The freshly baked breads, cheeses, olives & seafood varieties are second to none.  To qualify for “best of” one stop shopping a store should have everything from great produce and wines to a variety of fresh seafood & deserts.

My favorite (more than just a) grocery store.
wine & cheese
Olive bar
fresh sundried tomato & basil pesto breads








Around the world of cheese


I love their very European displays. It’s not a super big store but you can find everything here from high end local wines to every type of wine vinegar possible including anjou pear & gravenstein apple.

We use the cabernet vinegar because as we found out not every red wine vinegar is created equal. Also bought one combining merlot, zinfandel & cabernet - great for marinating or salad dressing.

I wanted to buy everything but was reminded we can only eat so much and no room to store it all.

Desert toppings









How many places carry heirloom beans?
So many salsas - freshly made too

My other favorites are the Mill Valley Market, the “originalWhole Foods in Mill Valley, S.F., Rouses in Louisiana (they carry Boudin) and any Publix in Florida especially for their daily homemade key lime pie which is better than most.




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