My corkboard: fancy this!

What do YOUR shoes do for you?  Mine have a built-in gym!

Love wearing my orange Vince Camuto shiny snake leather shoes with the cool heel & Coach wedge flip flops.  In summer I gravitate to wearing “Fit Flops” (thank you Devra for introducing me to them) every time for incomparable walking comfort.  See below.

Vince Camuto

Fit Flops” are biomechanically engineered to increase leg and muscle activity, absorb more shock than a normal shoe, reduce foot pressure and pain, and realign ground reaction force closer to your joints. That’s a lot of boasting for one pair of flip flops! All I know is when I wear either of my only two pairs my feet are thanking the ground I walk on.  All my other flip flops (too many) don’t even compare.  I live in their leather/sheepskin booties for winter & you know If Oprah endorses them they must be good.

Anna Sui design Fit Flop

Never say “should” but I should have bought more.,en_GB,sc.html

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