INtrigue INsider – what is a chemise?

Evening wear or bedroom wear?

Chemise is a French term (which simply means shirt).

Decadence chemise by blush

As lingerie, a chemise is similar to a babydoll although babydolls are usually more loose-fitting at the hips.

A chemise is more bedroom wear but you can wear it out in public depending on the material.

I had a customer once buy a very pretty see-through chemise to wear as a dress with a slip underneath.  The problem was finding the correct slip but eventually she did.

A chemise  typically does not have any buttons or other fasteners, comes in a variety of lovely fabrics and is put on by either dropping it over the head or stepping into it and lifting it up.

Great Expectations by blush

I wear a few of my beautiful silk “Mary Green” chemises as dresses on occasion.  Even a silk dressing gown worn as a cover up.

You know yesterdays underwear is todays outerwear!







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