Scene in the City: Wood Works of Art

The Vancouver International Wooden Boat Festival just ended yesterday at Granville Island.  The Vancouver Wooden Boat Society (VWBS) produces this Festival which takes place every year for 3 days in August.

The construction of these particular boats date as far back as the early 1900’s and are regarded by many to be works of art.

The VWBS is a non profit society composed of wooden boat owners and anyone who has an interest in wooden boats.

The Purposes of the Society are to promote, encourage and facilitate interest in wooden boats and any and all activities involving and related to them.

Their Objectives are to serve the interest of boating; to stimulate a greater interest in wooden boats; to develop a fraternal spirit among other boating enthusiasts; to provide a medium for the exchange of wooden boat information and to do all other things which will tend to further interest in boating generally.

I have often wondered why sailors hail other vessels with “ship ahoy!” I understand the ship part, but why “ahoy?”

“Ahoy” is the well-known sailor’s interjection, currently meaning hello and/or what’s going on?

If you missed it there’s always next year!  Don’t forget you can climb aboard too.

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