One Thing to Another – Stop it!

Handy home décor ideas for unusual door stops.

colorful pepper display

I picked up this heavy display jar at a gift show years ago and it had been standing on my kitchen counter making it more crowded than need be.

As it turns out it makes a perfect door stop.

This hand painted boot with flowers holds the door open at a local dry cleaners.  Not my idea but cute enough.
Victoria Secret Sachet

This Victoria Secret sachet (meant for a lingerie drawer) cushions this door handle from hitting the wall.

You can also make or use a decorative bean bag to keep door handles from punching holes in the wall when they swing open.

Solid as a ROCK….when you want to make sure the door stays open.

Okay, not as imaginative but they do bring the outdoors….indoors which I always like.  There are a lot of beautiful rocks out there – go look!

As would a conch or pretty periwinkle shell

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