INtrigue INsider: Let’s get this straight!

What do HOT PINK, BLACK, ZEBRA, SNAKE, CHEETAH and GIRAFFE all have in common?

They’re all part of MICABeauty Ceramic Classic Hair Stylers which are meticulously tested, beautifully designed hair tools, developed to the industry’s highest standards.

MICAbeauty PRO stylers:  Our 1.25” stylers produce far-infrared heat that protects your hair follicles while you style, preserving the natural moisture in your hair shaft, protecting your hair cuticle from damage and locking in your color. Unlike conventional flatiron straighteners that use damage heating metal elements the MICAbeauty Pro Stylers utilize 100% ceramic heating systems.

We’re making waves one head at a time: The unique floating plates allows you to not just straighten, but also to create waves, curls, flips, volume and many more styles,all with one styler!   Regular use of your MICABeauty styler results in healthier hair!

Our professional hair stylers and clipless curling irons will give you the thrill of experimenting with exciting hair styles, without the fear of damaging your hair or experiencing color fading.

Whether you select one of our bold solid colors or vivacious animal prints, the MICAbeauty Pro Stylers will create healthy, silky and static-free hairdos.

To order: find them under “featured” at

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