Personal Pinboard – Fabulous Fendi!

Fending for Fendi and all things considered….

I almost forgot about this photo taken a few years ago at the Fendi flagship store in Vegas.  Having always loved their beautiful handbags I stopped in with a friend to check out their new collection but this was a surprise.

Fendi bike

Who knew they made bicycles?

Fendi limited edition bicycle with leather & real fur trimmed saddlebag, leather water holder & retro travel bag that doubles as a carry basket.

There were only two.  I wonder who bought them?

The only reason I didn’t buy it was because I was worried about ruining the fur and leather in the rain.

My Opus with Fendi bag & baguette

Fendi bike will have to wait.

For now i’ll settle for the classic European styling of my favorite Opus nouvelle classico with Nantucket basket  available at Mighty Riders in Vancouver.


 Talk about a comeback:

colorful bagITs all in a row
just like bread….tiny tossed about baguettes
They’re book worthy


Fendi Baguette [Hardcover] available on

Come on…..i’m not the ONLY one that was obsessed with having this bag right?

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