Scene in the City – a jappa gem

1538 West 2nd – that IS the name….as well as the address!

1538 West 2nd in Kits

Heading towards “Go Fish” for lunch I noticed a lineup starting to form so wandered back a bit and found this little gem of a restaurant.

A perfect lunch – *ITADAKIMASU!

The sign said “Japanese Curry” but when I went in to order it they had just run out.  My watch said 12:15.

I ordered instead the drunken chicken over green-tea soba noodles and salad with chilli-lime vinaigrette.  *Oishi-desu!

*Practicing a bit of Japanese

Two of my favorite colors – Pink and Polka Dot

They served it alongside a tiny individual Japanese teapot with green tea.  What a lovely touch!

I want my own with a polka dot cup.

All this while listening to vintage Bob Dylan surrounded by ZEN minimalism.

Like the sign says…it was quick, healthy, delicious and the staff very friendly.

A much better alternative to fish ‘n chips.

bamboo background

They just made a new customer.  I’m going back for the curry next time..but before 12:15.

just because…’s so clean

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Monday to all you fellow Canadians!

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