Personal Post – I’m the new Pin-Up girl!

Okay, maybe just the pin-upload girl.

World of Wine Board

Pinterest: this extremely popular social website has finally got the best of me.

I must admit that at first it did not grab me but people kept talking about it so I decided to check it out. What’s it really used for?  Pages upon pages of pictures of everything you can imagine under the sun.

Style INspiration – Garbe Girl

Finding out that people were using Pinterest to make wishboards when I’ve been cutting pages from magazines of stuff I love and tucking them away in a folder for years was interesting.  Also people keeping track of their personal home renos, travels, products they love and posting products for business – AHA!

PINteresting Places

They were also checking out every one else’s boards and taking ideas and even pinning photos from other people’s boards.  So it could be useful.  Okay I’ll have a look but won’t get carried away.  After all isn’t wordpress, facebook, linkedin and twitter enough?

MicaBella Mineral Makeup

It didn’t take too long to figure out and the help button was only used once so in minutes I created my very first board – a very important one. Keeping track of my favourite wines.

Style Inspiration – Kate Moss

When I went to review it resembled a corkboard with labels pinned to it – kind of cool.

Before you know it I was hooked just like THAT!  I couldn’t just stop at one board or one photo.  It wasn’t long after that that I was creating my second, then third,….

“Get Spoiled” ultra facial oil & Étoile mist.

But so far there’s no way I’m going to get too carried away or start visiting everyone else’s boards and looking at what Pinterest has decided to interest me in.  All of a sudden I’m following hundreds of people I don’t even know – how did that happen?  Why do I only have a few? Guess I’m still a bit confused about how it all works and after creating one or two more boards I promise to Stop.  Maybe one more.  Food Folder

Red Velvet Cake.  Follow me (if you want to) at


One thought on “Personal Post – I’m the new Pin-Up girl!

  1. Oh deb u r soooo decadent! Curiosity has never really killed a cat- it inspires it! Unfortunately I am S.S#1 still- Although I am currently on the slow track- so I don’t follow but I’ll chum along BESIDE U!LOL

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