décor – I love hanging around the house.

F A B R I C A T E D   ART!

Vintage Tanzanian – Zanzibar

Beautiful pieces of fabric are another ART form.  All these wall hangings have a history.  A history of where they’re from and a history because it also reminds me of great memories from far away places visited.

Authentic Camel Blanket from Bethlehem
A friend brought this back from Nepal
Another one from Zanzibar hangs over the fireplace
Bedouin handmade cross-stitch from Sinai, Egypt. They don’t make them like this anymore.
Large batik from Bahia, Brazil as you go up the stairs right under the skylight.
Peruvian detailed wall hanging in living area – made all the more special because we were at that exact market.  Bought in Mira Flores, Lima.
Silk collage behind see-through netting in bedroom. By Israeli artist and friend Stephanie Gardin and taken straight from her bedroom in Jerusalem to mine.
Patchwork from India picked up in Dubai.

There are several more hanging around here and there but you get the picture hang of it!

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