Personal Post – Haven’t Got a Pot to Tea in?

  Check these out! 

First thing in the morning I want my coffee.  Usually it’s made before I even get out of bed.  That’s how bad it is.  But I love little teapots so much I’m intending to drink more tea.


We have a whole pantry shelf filled with all kinds of teas you can’t even imagine, loose and bagged.  If I buy a really cute teapot like the red one with the dragonflys it will make me drink more tea.  I just know it!

To the LEFT, to the LEFT (also comes in green).

Timing is everything.  This just in: Green tea has a distinct metabolic effect that increases your metabolism by up to 4 percent. This means that many people can burn an additional 70 calories per day or lose at least 3 to 7 lbs in a year by drinking green tea. The drink is rich in catechins that help increase the amount of “Norepinephrine” which is a metabolism-increasing brain chemical.  Even though I can’t pronounce some of the words that describes how good it is for you it makes me want to drink more GREEN.  I can’t wait to get started.  Tomorrow morning.

All available (maybe not the red one if I get there before you do) at this store at Granville Island.

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