Personal Post – Sofia Coppola has nice cans

sofia3I recently spotted a tiny and bubbly Sofia sitting across from me in one of my favorite Japanese restaurants.  And I was thinking how lucky can one girl be?  Sofia Coppola with a killer wardrobe & friends like Marc Jacobs and all her various fashion ad campaigns including her very own designed handbag for Louis Vuitton plus being a talented director in her own right…you’d think that that would be enough for one person right?

My Morning Essentials
My Morning Essentials

Apparently in Hollywood you can never be over marketed because right now she also comes in a can.  That’s right. Her famous director dad Francis Ford (co-owner of the Niebaum-Coppola spectacular winery in Napa) has her all packaged up and ready to go in individually sized serving cans that come with their own straws, and sold in four-packs. And in pink too.

Sofia blanc de blancs, made by Niebaum-Coppola Winery, is hoping to appeal to younger drinkers, especially clubgoers.  But I like it too!  Part of the plan has been to market Sofia not merely as premium wine without a bottle but as a clubgoers’ drink: ordered by name, easy to hold at a bar and ideal for resort poolside where glass is a no-no. sofia1

The cans are meant to appeal to a kind of “Sex in the City” crowd: sophisticated female city-dwellers, from just over drinking age and up.  I do fit into this category.

It’s a different audience than most wine drinkers.  I’ll take it to my next beach picnic.  Hell, it even fits nicely in my purse.

Perfect for Picnic - notice the convenient straw.
Perfect for Picnic – notice the convenient straw.

A distinctive blend as unconventional as the woman who inspired it.  Mini is for the impromptu, impetuous, live passionately for the moment kind of person. The kind of person who lives like there is no tomorrow!

The Sofia Blanc de Blancs bursts with rich pear, honeysuckle, and exotic passion fruit aromas. Crisp apple, melon, and juicy tangerine flavors fill the palate, with notes of bright lemon and honey evident on the refreshing, mouth-tingling finish.

70% Pinot Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Muscat Cannelli

Size: 187ml, four Sofia Minis to a packsofiacoppola

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