The art of FAKING IT…

La Roche-Posay SPF 50 Mineral Tinted Sunscreen for Face, St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse for Body + Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for face.
In the BEAUTY CABINET:                               La Roche-Posay SPF Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted (ultra light)Sunscreen for Face, St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse for Body + Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for face (sometimes I mix that with the sunscreen).

so no one can tell.

Even though we hate to admit it,  faking it is necessary when it comes to tanning!  Especially now with bathing suit season right around the corner (yikes). Plus lying out in full sun isn’t good for our skin.

Tan of the Tropics
Tan of the Tropics

I’ve been wanting to try St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse for the longest time & so finally bought a bottle at Sephora.  I’ve heard nothing but great things – from magazines.  Some products I’ve tried that beauty editors have raved about but then I don’t always agree with them.  But when EVERY beauty editor highly recommends something they’re either getting loads for free or they’re really impressed. So  I’ve taken matters into my own hands – here are the results.

Legs  pre-tan - CopyMay 12 - CopyThis was done over a five day period &  still counting. See a difference? Unfortunately these photos are not touched up.  I used my bare hands, not the mitt that you can buy for an additional $8.00.  Very easy to apply and there’s no unpleasant odor whatsoever – a real plus in the self tan department.  So far so good.  I like it and once the desired color is acheived I’ll just keep applying it every day apply it once in a while.

Have you tried this?  What self tan do you swear by?

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