Art/Culture/Wine – turning Blood into Wine

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell hits the bottlesaved1

What happens when you cross a contemporary tattoo artist who’s inspired by wine with a second-generation winemaker who excels at crafting California varietal blends?  You end up with a unique collaboration between two artists who come together to share in each other’s craft.

Scott Campbell’s tattoo designs have appeared on Marc Jacobs and Kanye West, on dollar bills in art galleries, and on Louis Vuitton duffel bags.  Now the Brooklyn artist is finding a headier medium with the introduction of Saves Wines.  Scott’s label artwork embodies the symbolism of the life stories that are so often shared over a bottle of wine.

saved2The collaboration with Wild Horse vintner Clay Brock has yielded a fruit-forward red and rosé  dubbed Magic Maker – Campbell’s term for the tattooer’s role as “superstition mechanic.”  In fact, it was the wealth of rituals and superstitions in both winemaking and skin art that linked the pair when they met in Paso Robles, California, last year.  Campbell linked the labels and collaborated on the blending to create a wine he would be comfortable drinking all evening – “not something that’s so aggressive and complex that it has its moment and is overstimulating beyond that.”  Spoken like a man who helps celebrities choose their images carefully.  Taken from Christine Muhlke’s article in “W”



SAVED REDsavedred

SAVED Red Wine is a robust, powerful wine with a big personality and a generous finish. It is big, bold and rich, with pedigree sourcing from California’s finest regions.  An eclectic blend of grapes deliver rich color and full-bodied flavors: red currant, black cherry and black olive. Soft tannins balance well with distinct oak flavors – French oak for vanilla and coconut; American oak for caramel, créme brûlée and coffee.


savedroseSAVED Rosé is a pink wine for tough guys and gals. This delicate and ultra dry Rosé is crafted from a unique blend of varietals, carefully blended into one tiny batch of a few hundred cases.  Vintage: 2012



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