Food – the hundred foot journey

I would like to make you an omelette.  Just take one bite and tell me what you think.  A line from the movie “the hundred foot journey.”

taken from facebook
taken from facebook

Oh such joy combining two of my favourite things….movies and food.  If you love movies and you love food then you’ll love this film.  Not since Chocolat (in fact it is the same director) has a movie felt so good. You know it has to be special when it stars Helen Mirren and was produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey for Dreamworks.

Without giving too much away if you haven’t already seen it, it involves travel (from an exotic but over populated country to a charming village), food (you might want to have dinner beforehand), passion, hard work, competition, equality, loss, dreams and triumph.  A lesson in life choices, making the most of circumstance and taking chances.  A good lesson.  This is not a critics opinion, it’s my opinion.  I give it two thumbs up but if I had three thumbs I’d give it three!


Available now on DVD

Oh..I suppose I’ll have a recipe next week.



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