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The most STYLISH of courseComposite

Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography, a new Rizzoli tome by Charlotte Cotton and Martin Harrison, celebrates the house’s history with striking images from its archives, including the picture below, taken for Bazaar in 1959.

By Gleb Derujinsky  taken for Bazaar in 1959.
By Gleb Derujinsky

montecarlo1A cure-all for seasonal wanderlust, Pamela Fiori’s In the Spirit of Monte Carlo roams the Rock of Monaco….palmbeach2

while Harry Benson and Hilary Geary Ross’s Palm Beach People offers an insider’s look at a belowed getaway.


palmbeach1Bonus: From Louis Vuitton’s THE ART OF PACKING 

Packing Order: start by putting the heaviest items flat at the bottom of the suitcase.  Place your toiletries bag with its base against the side.

Shoes: put shoes in felt bags.  The empty space inside each shoe can be used for belts, accessories and socks.

Jacket/Pants/Shirt: to reduce creasing, interlace your jacket with pants and a skirt.  First, button the jacket and lay it face up and flat.  Fold pants in half and put on top.  Place the skirt, folded lengthwise, on top of the pants.  Then fold in the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket over the top.

Accessories: place on top of clothing to keep it from moving.

Evening: Additional space can be used for a dress, folded in half.

MY travel/packing tips:

On a flight stay comfortable, warm (but cool) & stylish by wearing something like black leggings with a t-shirt and long thin sweater over top in a neutral color (black always looks chic) and carry a shawl that you can use as a blanket. Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on/off.

I get a lot of mileage out of rolling casual wear like t-shirts, jeans and khaki’s (flight attendant tips).

Neutrals are great because you can mix ‘n match & not get too tired of your clothing.

Also, I try to double up on things as much as possible.  Like an evening shawl which fits into a small soft purse which can be used as an evening bag.  I always pack a light windproof shell and a *bathing suit cover up that can also be used as a nightgown. A *bathing suit can be squished anywhere there’s space to keep things from moving.

A straw hat that can be folded and still retain its shape.

More companies should make convenient *travel wear.

*I have a seamless long dress that has a completely different pattern on the inside so it can be worn inside or out – two dresses in one.  It can be worn out for evening or a thin t-shirt underneath dresses it down for daytime with flats.  I thought this was a brilliant idea for travelling but have never seen them again.  I have bought a long t-shirt that does the same thing – turn it inside out and it’s a different colour.

An additional soft folding bag (I love my Longchamp – it folds into 3 sizes and can be used as a carryon or stored in checked luggage and extended if need be to bring extra stuff back.  I have to report that on my last trip it was surprisingly kept to normal size.

A good size purse (if using leather, stiff is best as it retains its shape) to fit all the essentials…passport, wallet, phone, tablet, slippers, hand cream, snacks, some toiletries and other personal items.

*Also it’s a good idea to bring a change of underwear and toothbrush/toothpaste in your carry on…just in case your luggage gets lost in the shuffle.  Also plugs for phone/tablet.

 Please share any additional packing tips that you may have.






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