Self care: breaking bad

Our habits, that is.  Out with the bad, in with the beneficial.  

Breaking free from destructive or just plain not good-for-you habit forming ways and embracing better ones are something we all struggle with, at least from time to time.  Habits are; well they’re exactly that…same old, same old and hard to easily break away from.  But of course not all habits are bad.  But how often have we beaten ourselves up because once again we did it again…the hateful habit.  The one we keep trying to change.  We all have them.

Okay I’ll start first: ummm let’s see I’m only trying to break a few habits. Or rather keep on top of good habits.

I’m under the influence. I have friends who are vegan and gluten-free. So what I would normally order in a Japanese restaurant turned 180 degrees a few days ago. I ordered a sushi roll made out of soy bean paper (yes, I did) that contained asparagus, oshinko, red beets, yam, avocado, cucumber, spinach and shitake.  Super healthy and tasted great.  Didn’t think it would.

But when the server came around to ask will that be all? I broke down and asked for a tuna & wild salmon nigiri for dessert.  Not because I needed it, because it didn’t feel normal for me to leave a decent Japanese restaurant and not order a few pieces of raw fish.  I know that’s a weird and fairly tame example but still.  It’s a habit of sorts. The veggie sushi was satisfying enough to have left it alone.  That’s all I’m saying.

Other annoying behavior of non regularity to make better: changing my mindset of what is good and what is not, get me to the gym on time and more often, don’t forget to take my vitamins, start running again and stick with it.  Join a Spanish speaking group.  Read more. Dance more. The biggest one: reinforce the fact that other people’s stuff is not my stuff. I mean; don’t take on other people’s garbage.  That is not only annoying but disparaging to the spirit.  A good habit to break is to not let other people break your spirit.

Which brings me to this workshop put on by a friend which offers a personalized approach to managing your habits:

Come join us this September and learn how to establish new positive habits and tweak or re-write old, less-than-positive habits so you can get to work on what matters to you in your life. Register by August 31 to get early-bird pricing.

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Your welcome!