One thing to another – transform this!

décor – Schizoid Living Room Disorder: one room two looks

Tired of the same old, same old? Want to give your living space a fresh update? Why not transform it into two completely different looks?  Not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Made warmer with colorful accessories

Pillow covers are a beautiful accessory and if you slip on new covers over the pillows you already have then you can change the look quite drastically.

Same room but WILDER

Then hang a completely different wall hanging or painting and switch up the area rug in place of the one you now have.  These items are easier to store than buying a new set of furniture.

Voila! – two completely different living rooms.

Do you like to change your space?  How would YOU go about it?

décor – this is living!

THIS IS LIVINGSPACE:  Created by internationally recognized designer Omer Arbel, the Livingspace showroom features a curated selection of top international brands.

You see things in a different light

Established in 1988, Livingspace has grown to become Vancouver’s premier destination for European modern furniture








Their new 19,000 square foot two-level showroom, located in Vancouver’s Armoury District, opened in the Fall of 2011.  Step inside and experience something sublime!

The END result is Modern Furnishing at its finest.