INtrigue INsider – the return of the pajama

What’s old is new again!  I keep hearing this statement but when did the pajama ever go away?

What is it about pajamas we love so much? Maybe not for actually sleeping in but for lounging around before bedtime they’re the best thingWe get tired “in” them, not “of” them. They can feel somewhat glamour-girl like sometimes.

After seeing Sofia Coppola in a recent issue of Vogue sporting pajama-like lounge wear from the Louis Vuitton resort collection, I suppose the lounge wear look has made a bit of a comeback.

Greta Garbo with Adrien

This trend dates as far back as the 1920s, when American costume designer Adrian Greenberg (simply known as Adrian) popularized the sophistication of pajamas and the acceptability of it as appropriate formal wear when he dressed Greta Garbo in gorgeous striped pajamas in 1929’s The Single Standard.

left: Costume designer Adrian and silver screen icon Greta Garbo in his design, on the set of The Single Standard.

Midnight Kiss – pajamas by blush

Back in the late 1930s every working glamour girl like Carole Lombard or Ginger Rogers had at least one pair of party pajamas.

Let the pajama party begin!

MIDNIGHT KISS long gown by blush

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