Introducing Hollywood North and Vine

I’ve taken a little break from blogging on this site to help create another venture with a friend and neighbour.

Tamara and I decided to do a podcast revolving around our love of wine and other local pleasures. We have a few things in common since we live around the corner from one another and our dogs are beasties.  A few months ago over a birthday wine tasting, we came up with a creative idea.  Let’s do a podcast to share our experience visiting local wineries and people & places along the way. 

Our very first podcast (at the very first winery in the Fraser Valley area – Chaberton Estate Winery) came out last Wednesday.  Our second one comes out today.  We’re talking about Country Vines – the closest winery to where we live and the perfect place to spend an enjoyable afternoon if you live in Vancouver, B.C. or if you plan to visit.  

You can find us on Apple, Google and Spotify by typing in Hollywood North and Vine Podcast.

We’re in the process of putting together exclusively elite gift bags that will be available on our website next month.  Everything is made local right here in British Columbia and will be of the utmost quality.  We’re very satisfied with the selections and we hope our customers feel the same.

Our website: