Re-Fresh Friday: local artist Georgina Tapia

shoe series
shoe series – of course I was drawn to this one from the website.

georgina2These are original works of art by Georgina Tapia, a Mexican architect residing in Vancouver for 28 years. She is also a personal friend who happens to be….simply stylish.georgina7

Georgina is the founder of Suquet Interiors Inc. – a prestigious company that created a whole line of antique architectural and decorative pieces that are displayed all around the city.  At present, the Vancouver Urban Winery is in the location which used to belong to Suquet. The pieces shown here (except for the shoes) are presently on display at Haircats Studio – 2488 Stephens Street, Vancouver.georgina3georgina4

20140816_113441These works represent her personal style with graphic detail in a simplistic and minimalistic approach.

Rose Series.  Individually or in in pairs they look great.
Rose Series at Haircats. Individually or in pairs they look great.
Sorry Georgina, I don't mean to ruin the image but...these runners match my casual outfit.
Sorry Georgina, I didn’t mean to ruin the image but…these runners match my casual outfit.

To view all works by Georgina please visit her website