Scene in the City – I’ve gone NUTS

for AYOUB’S Dried Fruit & Nuts –  and other Persian delights.

The window on Denman first caught my eye with its exotic display of Persian glass, ceramic and metal stemware showcasing a wide variety of delectable dried treats.

Through the window you can view the large goblets containing everything which was intriguing enough to make me want to step inside.  You are in for a treat – literally.

For Ayoub Hosseini who is the president of this company and a professional chef it is a way of life.

His simple idea: select only the highest quality raw ingredients from only the most trusted suppliers from around the world, and combine those quality ingredients with a  variety of sophisticated flavours and textures.  A snack food sensation second to none.  You can literally taste the difference.

I know I’ve been going nuts for some time but this confirms it.

Not your regular bulk food store

Store locations:

Kitsilano: 2048 West 4th Ave.

Downtown: 986 Denman Street

North Vancouver: 1332 Lonsdale

Kits Window