Feel-good Friday: Friends

 True friends are a giftThey’re the ones who have patience and understanding.  Not the ones who leave you at a time of loss because they don’t want to be reminded of their own, or the ones who drop you like a hot potato because you may have acted out of character or by their own estimation may have made one wrong move.  Real friends will tell you what you’ve done and not leave you in suspension.

But guess what?

It’s not worth holding on to or trying to figure out.  The world is filled with plenty of good people.  The kind you deserve in your life.  And the kind that will stick with you through thick or thin.  Especially if you’re a good person and a valuable friend.

If there’s one thing that these past several months have taught me, is that things will change with loss.  You will be okay, but you’ll never be the same. You can put on a happy face for only so long before you have unexpected moments of breaking down.  And if people are used to you being bubbly, they sure don’t like it when you’re not.

It’s surprising what you learn with loss.

Some friends who you thought would be there firsthand are never heard from again, while others whom you didn’t expect to come around so much have been extremely supportive.  It can be painful but you learn from it.  You come to realize…

Be thankful for what you’ve learned. Because on the up side, you come to know who your real friends are.  And that in itself is a positive thing.  Cheers to good friends!

Make it a

And a great long weekend whether you celebrate Passover or Easter.