Beauty biz – beauty you can EAT

Edible beauty products…It was just a matter of time edibledon’t you think so?  After all, the beauty industry is HUGE.  There are natural products and then there are these which I believe falls into the natural category…..even more so because they are good enough to eat.  Hmmm…I haven’t tried any of these, not sure how they taste but thought you’d like to know about them.  As seen on Style Bistro.

We all know true beauty comes from within. But great skin doesn’t hurt, either. With all of the thousands of different products available, we’ve grown accustomed to lathering, lotioning and glopping on. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could just take a pill and fight anti-aging or the sun’s rays? A new series of products hitting the market is aiming to do just that. From drinkable sunscreen to pills for your skin, ingestible beauty products have been popping up on our radar these days.

edible1For those concerned with anti-aging (like who isn’t?), drinkable collagen might be the answer. Reserveage’s Collagen Replenish ($16) is a flavorless powder that’s meant to be mixed in with water or juice. The powder contains collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to supposedly fight collagen deterioration and free-radical damage.

And if putting on sunscreen is so last summer for you, perhaps drinkable SPF is more your style. Osmosis edible2Harmonized Water UV Neutralizer ($30) is a liquid dietary supplement that helps protect against sun damage, thanks to its vibration-frequency technology that’s supposed to neutralize UV radiation.

edible3And if skin brightening is more your style, Equitance has a Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement ($50) meant to support skin brightening. These pills are designed to improve skin’s vitality with a balance of natural ingredients such as grape-seed extract, yucca-wood extract, hesperidin and egg shell membrane, which contains L-cystine (an amino acid popular for illumination).

But what do you think?

Would you ever try ingestible beauty products?