Feel-good Friday: YES way Rosé

Hot days call for cool drinks.  Iced tea, Lemonade, and Rosé come to mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina / Whispering Angel  
Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina / Whispering Angel

I must admit I’m really not a rosé wine lover preferring instead a nice white like Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay for patio pre-dinner sipping.  But then I came across this intriguing combo.  At first I thought Whaaaat this is nuts!  But then again it might be the perfect summer pairing.

Everyone’s clamoring to get their hands on Sugarfina’s new Whispering Angel Rosé–infused gummy bears. Someone was on to something.  So if you love gummy bears (as I do, being somewhat of a connoisseur preferring chocolate covered gummies) and you also love rosé then incorporating the two into one recipe might be the answer to your summer confectionary dreams.

From Vogue:

The luxury candy company put the latest batch of pretty, pink-hued gummies, aptly named the Yes Way Rosé collection, on presale on its site on July 11. Though they’re not set to arrive until August, the gummies (which are imported from Germany) currently have a whopping waitlist of over 12,000 people! Yes way, that many people not only want to drink their rosé, but eat it too.

In case you can’t wait until August, there are a few alternatives. If you’re feeling lucky, you could try to win a box or two through the @sugarfina Instagram giveaway contests. A more realistic option, however, is to go for Sugarfina’s Champagne Bears made with Dom Pérignon brut and rosé. They’re just as cute (made in delicate pale pink and white versions) and delicious, and you still get the rosé-infused effect, but you don’t have to deal with a wait time.

If you’re ordering these gummies hoping to get a buzz, however, you’re going to have to get a bit more crafty—the alcohol has been cooked out. A quick and very easy way to make your own is to buy regular gummy bears from your local grocery store and a bottle of rosé (it doesn’t need to be expensive, a $10 Provence style will do just fine). Put the package of gummies in a bowl and just pour the wine on top—just enough to coat the gummies but not completely drench them. Let them soak overnight and they’re ready to go in the morning. Tip: If you keep them in the fridge, the gummies maintain their original texture and consistency better than if they’re left at room temperature.gummyrose2

Feeling slightly more ambitious? Make your own rosé gummies from scratch with this recipe below. It’s much easier than you would ever imagine—they take about 10 minutes to create. Again, no need for expensive wine, just go with an affordable rosé you normally like to drink. Order gummy bear molds on Amazon, or Sur Le Table’s rose chocolate mold, which is perfect for making them extra pretty, like the flower-shaped ones that Sugarfina does. You’ll also need a thermometer (if you want to keep the alcohol from burning off, make sure the temperature stays at around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t go above 159 degrees), gelatin, some sort of sweetener (either honey or maple syrup, or go with granulated sugar), and pink food coloring if you want to boost the color up a bit. Once the mixture is done and in the molds, refrigerate them for at least two hours or until they’re firm. Voilà. They have a slightly different texture and flavor than the actual rosé gummies—a little softer and less sweet—but they certainly make for a fun way to impress dinner party guests.

Rosé Gummies
1 cup rosé
5 T powdered gelatin
One half cup of granulated sugar, or 2 to 4 T maple syrup or honey

Cook the rosé in a small saucepan on low heat. Slowly, add the gelatin, one tablespoon at a time, into the mixture. Once the gelatin has dissolved, add sweetener to your liking (taste the mixture and add accordingly) and pour it in the molds. Allow it to set for at least two hours or more. Keep in mind, these need to stay refrigerated.

Source: Kristin Tice Studeman



Style: SHARP Men

Other than GQ magazine, where do men go to get ideas about


sharp6And how to look more, uh, Sharp?

They can try SHARP  which is a Canadian Toronto based magazine published eight times a year. Six regular issues and two “SHARP: The Book for Men” special editions targeting premium and luxury consumers.
Touted as the essential reference for the modern man.  Basically the issues feature the absolute best in not only fashion but travel, drinks, timepieces and automotive.  Man Made!

sharp4Apparently the launch party for the S/S 2016  book in Toronto was fabulous. There aren’t many fashionable events dedicated solely to men, so when one comes around it’s a big deal.

What better way to celebrate men at their best than with a party featuring a Breitling Fighter Jet Simulator, interactive Harley-Davidson display, and rare scotch tasting by Balvenie? They also had live cigar rolling and custom shoe painting. Automotive sponsor Jaguar was also on-hand with their latest models: the F-PACE SUV, the XF luxury sedan, and the XE sport sedan.  sharp1sharp2

And where was I?? Elsewhere… but I will try to make the next one. I mean…hello world?

To order a free trial issue:


about what SOME MEN like

Food: to Forage or not to Forage

There is no question that foraging for anything edible is not a simple task. It’s a thing.  I mean it’s a lifestyle choice – a healthy one if you are so inclined.  

One with nature, love being in the wild or be....wild.
You are one with nature, love being in the wild or are just plain….wild.

To be totally self-sufficient food wise it would take a lot of work and dedication and you’d have to really know when to look for what, where to look for it and then what to do with it once you find it.  You must be adventurous, outdoorsy and know what the heck you’re doing.  Most likely you’re also a foodie. It’s not for everyone.

Freshly picked wild cherries
Freshly picked wild cherries

Our ancestors who might have been foodies back in the day had to hunt and gather (or forage as we like to call it) like wild animals do in order to survive.  It wasn’t a choice so much as a necessity.  Survival of the fittest.  We lucky folks don’t have to, but lately foraging has piqued my attention and interest.  Even a few of my urban neighbours are getting into it – albeit lightly.  One has chickens (so fresh eggs for sure) and another is building a terrarium to grow edible plants. I also have friends who have fresh figs, other fruits and trees with bay leaves so sometimes you’ll find me foraging around in their garden.

I really like the idea of having a garden to grow vegetables.  It’s the absolute best but since I can hardly keep fresh herbs alive for long I’ll scratch that idea.  Surprisingly enough two herbs I totally ignored all winter long have survived together in one pot – thyme and oregano.  Rosemary is pretty easy too but let’s face it – that does not a complete meal make.  Many of the plants that we know as weeds are both edible and nutritious, and some plants that grow wild have been cultivated into some of the foods we know today (for example, parsnips, garlic and carrots).

Taylor is guarding the bucket of cherries
Taylor guards a bucket of cherries

If there is one fresh fruit (that resembles a vegetable) I really miss eating – it has to be farm fresh Rose tomato.  Large, meaty & delicious.  I remember my dad eating them like apples. I don’t remember eating a good tomato since I was a teenager – too many years of eating only acceptable tomatoes at best that are usually made tastier with a generous drizzling of balsamic.  Pesticides are to blame and early picking.  We really don’t know what we’re eating.

But now I know Bill.  He’s my first foraging friend. He’s also my only foraging friend until I gather more. He refers to himself as a novice forager but from what I’ve witnessed through photos and in person it seems pretty serious to me.  At least a serious hobby. Bill’s Instagram feed is usually chock-full of some type of mushroom, berry or plant.  Also, he’s constantly making jam and lots of other interesting and/or unusual edibles.  Guess you can say he shops local.

Cherry Fruit Leather
Cherry Fruit Leather

I asked if he would mind talking a bit and educating readers about the process for this blog and send a few photos.  Because Bill makes almost everything from scratch and lots of it he finds in the forest. He doesn’t scavage around garbage bins like bears do looking for food just in case you’re one of those who think that’s how people forage.  But I know you guys are more sophisticated than that.  But to let you know how much I knew about foraging, when I first found out Bill was gathering and cooking up hedgehogs I thought it was the animal, not the mushroom.  I was about to dump him as a friend.

When I called him he was high up on a tree not getting high but he still answered the call.

In Bill’s Words:

Yes, I was really up at tree. I was on a 12 foot ladder borrowed from a building nearby. I was harvesting fabulous tiny cherries from the trees growing wild between the road and a parking lot about 1.5 kilometres from my home. These little black cherries are so intensely flavoured compared to cultivated ones!  I continued picking until I had about ten litres, my dog Taylor patiently waiting below. They were too small to use a cherry pitter on, so I boiled them for a few minutes, and after they were cool, put them through my hand crank food mill. I ended up with about four litres of very flavourful puree. I made a big batch of delicious jam with most of it, and then decided to try my hand at some fruit leather just using honey instead of sugar. It took about five days to dry enough, but it was worth the wait.  


Me: I can hardly wait for MY jars of jam to be personally delivered!

Okay we just got a little taste of what it’s all about. Bill is a busy guy but we spoke about collaborating on more food posts with stories & photos from his adventures in foraging.  Stay tuned…bill5

All Cherry Photos: Bill Milliken

ART/Culture: Picasso – the Artist and his Muses

Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it? – Pablo Picasso

Femme au collier jaune, oil on canvas, 1946 by Pablo Picasso
Femme au collier jaune, oil on canvas, 1946 by Pablo Picasso

They say behind every great man there is a great woman.  And behind every great male artist there is a great muse (or muses).  Are there any male muses?  Probably not because commonly a muse is a woman who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist (who is male).  In mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences.  Therefore I do not know of any male muses to date.  So unfair.  I will research this a little more and get back to you because there should really be some don’t you think?

In modern days you might say that Brooke Shields and Kate Moss were muses to Calvin Klein,  Amanda Harlech to Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld to both Tom Ford & Karl Lagerfeld (oh that Karl, he has several and he’s not even straight so those women must be awesome).

In theory a good muse should not only be physically attractive (at least to the artist) and alluring but also interesting, attentive, amuseing, offer emotional support and be sexual.  Offer something special to inspire the artist to want to devote time and effort to paint, write, sing, whatever their artistic endeavour.  Otherwise why bother right?

Picasso had many muses and six of them are on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Femme couchée lisant, 1939, oil on canvas. This subject in this piece is Picasso's last wife Jacqueline Roque.
Femme couchée lisant, 1939, oil on canvas. This subject in this piece is Picasso’s last wife Jacqueline Roque.

It appears that Picasso was not good relationship material.  Interesting, Yes…Talented, yes…just non-committal and not very nice to his women.  Picasso had affairs with dozens, perhaps hundreds of women, and was true to none of them – except possibly the last.  At least he was upfront.

“Women are machines for suffering,” Picasso told his mistress Françoise Gilot in 1943. Indeed, as they embarked on their nine-year affair, the 61-year-old artist warned the 21-year-old student: “For me there are only two kinds of women, goddesses and doormats”.

And there were some unfortunate incidents…

I read that out of the seven most important women in Picasso’s life, two killed themselves and two went mad. Another died of natural causes only four years into their relationship.

At the same time he was obsessed and dependent on these women.  In any event and to our advantage they definitely influenced the development of his art. Which led to this exhibit Picasso: The Artist and his Muses.

Now until October 2nd at the Vancouver Art Gallery:

Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery

Below taken from Vancouver Art Gallery Website:

Known for his enormous contribution to the canon of great art in the 20th century, Pablo Ruiz y Picasso (1881—1973) is one of the masters of Modernism. Examining the significance of the six women who were inspirational to his artistic development, Picasso: The Artist and His Muses is the most significant exhibition of Picasso’s work ever presented in Vancouver. Beginning in early 20th-century Paris, the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the lives and personalities of Fernande Olivier, Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Thérèse Walter, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque, who were all principal figures in Picasso’s personal life and strongly influenced the development of his career. Picasso’s innovations in painting, drawing, print and sculpture are conveyed through recurring motifs such as the seated woman and reclining nude. The exhibition presents major works that dramatically altered the course of European art history.


It is a must-see

“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them”

Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don’t start measuring her limbs” – Picasso


Feel-good Friday: Free

Blame it on the season.  I feel like floating freestyle.debbiefolkfest4debbiefolkfest1debbiefolkfest2ydebbiefolkfest3Summer is like the ultimate one night stand….hot as hell, totally thrilling and gone before you know it.

So even if I stay around home I try to make the most of it.

Most of July and all of August I am commitment free.  It’s a promise I made to myself to take time to do nothing but enjoy moments in whatever manner I choose. So I cancel classes, make no set appointments or promises and go about my daily life in a  spontaneous mode.

But with lots to think about.  If you’re signed up for a season, see it through.

 Yesterday I made a picnic lunch and rode my bike to a lovely park with the dogs and then at night a beach barbeque with 3 dogs in tow.  A perfect day.



It is not only inspiring but helps to bring everything else into perspective.

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ― William Shakespeare

How are you spending your summer?



Feel-good Friday: Doggone Rules

Some guys are worth breaking the RULES for…

Some like it hot
Some like it hot

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun – Katherine Hepburn

He might wear a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes but he hates wearing a seatbelt.
He wears a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes but he won’t wear a seatbelt.

Somebody said “you weren’t put on this earth to simply break even.  You’re here to break rules, break records and break through.”

Some prefer taking chances without wearing a life vest and wonder why there ae no other adventurous dog kayakers.
Some will take chances with no life vest.  All Jack is concentrating on is why there are no other adventurous dog kayakers.

Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist – Pablo Picasso

Some like to play in the big leagues – While living in Bangkok Jack says “when my humans told me the next door neighbour had a cat I had no idea the scope.  I didn’t want to be a pussy.

WATCH:  a younger Jack playing with a little kitty:

You have to take risks in life.  You might get hurt but unless you take risks you’ll never know how strong you are – d. king

Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred like a sheep – Madonna

Jack & Jia Jia on Pinterest:



Body, Mind & Soul – Well Being Beauty

I heard so many good reviews from people before me who have visited the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, B.C.  Here’s one more.

Scandinave Spa
Scandinave Spa in Whistler, B.C. – from above

I finally got the opportunity recently to check it out myself.  It was a dream and I didn’t even have a problem keeping quiet – no talking zone.  So there’s no need to go with anyone but yourself.  You will enjoy the peace and tranquility of relaxing within a peaceful spruce and cedar forest overlooking Whistler’s incredible mountain vistas. And breathe in fresh mountain air.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

It’s great to get a massage from one of several registered massage therapists on site but if you choose to, you can just relax in one of the most beautiful natural settings in British Columbia.  In between going hot and cold but in a good way.  They have a spectacular 25,000 sq. ft. outdoor spa with a newly expanded building.

This is the most unique health and wellness spa.  You can enjoy hot baths (also known as hydrotherapy), wood burning sauna, eucalyptus steam baths, refreshing Nordic waterfalls and a relaxing massage.  To enjoy the full health benefits of the Scandinavian baths they suggest repeating the following sequences 3 to 4 times.  Warm the body for 10-15 minutes, followed by a refreshing (I would call it cold) rinse for 20-30 seconds and relax for 15 minutes.  My day ended falling asleep on a hammock under the trees on a perfectly overcast day.

So what can be better?

Ahhh…the additional benefits. 

I enjoyed a delicious kale chickpea salad with a view. Photo: d. king
Like a delicious kale chickpea salad I enjoyed with a view afterwards.       Photo: d. king

In addition to cleansing the body, it stimulates blood circulation and releases endorphins.  Oh I love to let those guys loose whenever I get the chance.  All of the senses are awakened; muscles are soothed and a sense of well being emerges.  Calm yet invigorated.  I like the Yin and Yang of all that.  One breath at a time.


To make a reservation: Local: 604.935.2424

Toll-free in Canada (they have 4 locations) 1.888.935.2423
















Style: Summer in a Box

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it – Diane Von Furstenberg

Can you find it in a box?

 Sometimes you can find it in a BOX!  But it’s what you do with what’s inside that counts.boxofsylesummer

Wow…I just received my second seasonal box of style from the people over at *the Zoe Report.  They’ve curated a carefully selected arsenal of fashion and beauty products, with amazing summer staples every style girl loves. All neatly wrapped and packaged in a nice box. Talk about chic in the heat!

*For those who are not already familiar, The Zoe Report is an online style destination curated by stylist to the stars and fashion designer Rachel Zoe. The website gives tips on how to be glamorous every day with fashion, beauty & lifestyle articles from the best in the biz.

A peek inside:boxofstyle3

A delicate lariat necklace is a jewelry box staple. The versatile piece can play nice with everything from a plunging neckline to a high-collar blouse—making it an accessory that works for the office, cocktail hour and beyond.

Michael Stars Caftan - to channel your inner Liz Taylor
Michael Stars Caftan – to channel your inner Liz Taylor


This eye-catching lariat necklace with delicate pave Swarovski crystals and adjustable open crescent ring will look incredibly chic worn together or alone.

Luv AJ Pavé Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring Exclusive Set.lariat

Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Caftan. Every sun-loving girl needs a colourful caftan (cover up) in her summer wardrobe. To be simply layered over a sleek swimsuit for poolside lunch or dressed up for dinner by wearing it over a slip dress, cinched with a belt and adding earrings – a complete summer look.

YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses

Flattering Sunglasses
Flattering Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are as versatile as they are timeless This style was tested by every member of Team Zoe to ensure it flatters every face shape.

Beach in a Bottle – Quai haircare wave spray.boxofstyle2

The only thing more alluring than textured beach waves is the knowledge that your textured beach wave spray isn’t ravaging your hair. This formula boasts rice protein instead of salt to provide the fresh-from-the-surf texture you’re craving, minus the crunchiness.  I blogged about it recently.  See link below.

The Dream Turban – DreamDry (great syling tool towel)

Hair Turban to keep frizz at bay
Hair Turban to keep frizz at bay –yay
 Treat your tresses with care by using this super absorbent turban (instead of a coarse towel) to speed the drying process without frizz. Thanks to a button-fastening you can easily go about your routine without it slipping out of place and the lightweight fabric won’t take up precious space in your carry on.

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer

Juice Beauty SPF 15
Juice Beauty SPF 15
 Multi-tasking products are wonderful.  This organic brightening moisturizer with SPF 15  will help reverse existing skin damage and infuse your skin with hydration and protection so light you can wear it under your makeup.
summerboxIt’s like getting styled by Rachel Zoe all year long. Order your summer Box of Style now.
Each seasonal box promises to include $300 favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items hand-curated by Rachel and The Zoe Report Team. The necklace/ring combo alone is retail value $190 usd. And remember to tell them I sent you.  If you want to be really surprised just ignore the spoiler alerts leading up to mailout.

Because unfortunately your personality isn’t the first thing people see.

Food: Diversity in Dining

ANCORA Waterfront Restaurantancora6

ancoraancora9Vancouver dining with a view and a twist.  This is what happens when you mix West Coast influence with inspiring Peruvian and Japanese cultures.

When I go out for lunch or dinner I prefer to order something I’m not likely to make at home.  Ancora restaurant (previously “C” directly across from Granville Island) fit the bill perfectly. *I also take into account restaurant patios that accommodate dogs adjacent to your table.

At Ancora the cuisine’s manifesto hinges on sustainable seafoods, locally sourced and international ingredients, while also drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwestern surroundings. 

Aside from one glass of wine here is what my friend and I ordered on a sunny afternoon last week…


Halibut Ceviche:

with celery, red onion, cancha, yam, cilantro, aji, amarillo tiger’s milk. Not sure who is milking the tiger.ancora1

Dungeness Crab Causa:

yukon gold, quail egg, avocado, olive, huancaina sauce.ancora2

Black Rice Paella with Ling Cod:

chorizo, peruvian corn, baby shrimp, smoked paprika emulsion.




meringue, lemon cream, fresh fruit, raspberry ice cream.ancora4Wonderful View, Good Service, Amazing Presentation.  I loved the ceviche and the ling cod. The sauce was delicious.  The sauce the crab was served on was unfamiliar and likely a developed taste.  If you like meringue you’ll like the pavlova.  My friend loves meringue – I don’t.  The lemon cream, berries and ice cream were very tasty.  The beef short ribs seco was not a hit. The ribs were grizzly but the salsa criolla was quite good. You’re better off sticking with seafood here.  Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon taking in the scenery, relaxing and trying out a new culinary experience.  And of course the company and conversation was most excellent. $$$$ancora7

*There is a rule in Vancouver that you cannot bring your dog inside the restaurant patios. They must be outside the gate and not left unattended.

Photos: d. king


2-1600 Howe Street
Reservations: 604-681-1164

LifeStyle: Little Island Living

I decided I like island life for a change of pace.

Kayakers near Salt Spring
Kayakers near Salt Spring – taken from the boat 

Not that my life is so hectic here in Vancouver but it’s just more laid back on a little island where it’s not so easy to escape.  You have to entertain yourself in other ways and learn to just relax.  The views are to blame.  You immediately feel chill when you have a view of the ocean.  You also have to plan better because where I stayed on Piers they have no stores, not even one grocery store, nada.  Which means if you run out of anything it’s a boat trip over to Victoria or Sydney or….any of the other multitude of tiny surrounding gulf islands that have provisions.  You have to be super organized. Once you have all that you need it’s amazing.fulford6fulford7

What I love most is there are no cars on Piers. The only way to reach it is by boat.  Which means the dogs can run free (except for the time Jack ran after a deer and was lost for a few hours when the sun went down) and the air is much fresher. It feels so much healthier. And you get to know your neighbours who are actually very interesting.  Infact it’s a good idea to get to know them anyway should you need anything.  And they’re so willing to help. Island people are friendlier and they make pies and jam and they can sing. The phone book for the tiny island of Piers is only two pages – a printout.  Quite funny actually.  You can walk around the whole island in one hour but there’s also great trails for hiking and amazing sunsets and sunrises.  Or you can just be.

Even Jack has started to kayak.
Even Jack has started to kayak.  He’s on the lookout for other canine kayakers.
Wonder why I thought Jamaica?
Wonder why I thought Jamaica? This is why – Fulford Village, Salt Spring Island

Helps if you have a hobby, are writing a book and can play an instrument, especially guitar.  Singing optional; but appreciated if good.  My friends friend played guitar after dinner then unexpectedly broke into song with another person and they were both amazingly talented.  He said “that’s nothing, sometimes there’s 12 people with mandolin and other instruments”.  A total musical experience.


If you’re a writer you have the quiet.  If you’re a photographer there are many options. If you’re a nature lover you can kayak, walk through the trails or explore other islands.  Go from island to island as many do by kayak or boat.  Some have row boats.  So there we were.fulford13fulford3

At the south end of Salt Spring Island lies the little ferry dock at Fulford Harbour. It’s where we docked when a friend of mine took me and my out of town visitor for a boat ride.  We didn’t plan for it but ended up there.  I was only in Ganges before.  It was several years ago with another friend who had a place on Gabriola.  We ended up staying at a great B+B.  The proprietor served us homemade quince jam with baked goods for breakfast and I had never had that before.  We ended up going back to Gabriola with a bag of quince berries from her tree, bought some jars and made quince jam.  Lots of it.  Getting back to Fulford…fulford14

Selection of handmade cheeses
Selection of handmade cheeses and fresh art – all locally made

Walking around the village reminded me somewhat of Jamaica.  The slower pace to be specific but also the variety of quaint little shops that are Caribbean-like and the surprising number of amenities.  Sooo cute. Among other things they make really good cheeses and coffee which they now sell in many establishments all over British Columbia.

Photo: Masako
Photo: Masako  (Jack, watch out or you’ll get crabbed!).  On Piers Island

I love books (especially meaningful non-fiction) such as:



About Fulford:

fulford12Fulford is the first stop for the majority of visitors to Salt Spring. The village is located at the south of the island on the edge of Fulford Harbour. The ferry terminal for the Swartz Bay-Fulford Harbour (Victoria) run is located here. Although the Village of Ganges is bigger, Fulford has its own distinct charms. Make a point of exploring the area, which has a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodations. The Rock Salt Cafe on the water’s edge has recently been honoured by a listing in the prestigious guide “Where to Eat in Canada“. Organic coffee and baked goods are available from the fascinating Morning Side Bakery just up the street. The Fulford Pub is just a short distance from the village. A little past the pub you will find two of Salt Spring’s fine wineries. If you’re looking for some interesting shops stop in to Stuff & Nonsense and Jambala, where you find a wide variety of unique items. There are several Bed and Breakfast establishments here as well, should you decide to spend a few days.

Yes; I’m already feeling so stressed – I need to go back!

Sidenote: I came home with the best homemade strawberry jam from my friends strawberry bushes.  I think they should do a side business.  Seriously!.

Are you an island person?

Photos of Salt Spring at Fulford: d. king

Source (for About): out-there.com