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The people behind these products are passionate about what they do and how they operate in life.  Photo: d. king

Available now and made to order for delivery in Metro Vancouver – or to pick up.  Price: $295 (all tax + local delivery included).

Canvas Lined Brown or Grey Vintage Carrier. Photo: d. king

The Perfect Gift for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Housewarming, Hostess, Hotel Welcome, Holiday, or a special thank you for clients.  Or just because

there’s always a reason in every season for celebration

Wine, Cheese and Chocolates are 3 important food groups.

What’s Inside: Locally made, carefully chosen epicurean creations, packaged to perfection.    Includes a bottle of elegant white wine and smooth tasting red (go to bottom of page to find out why these wines are more special than all the rest), selection of  fine cheese in vintage paper keepsake, sophisticated red+white wine jelly, truffles/chocolates from heaven, savoury crackers, naturally fragrant dried lavender bouquet and a handy bamboo cheeseboard in a canvas lined split willow oval carrier  (reuse for fruit, bread, condiments, dried flowers..).  For the carrier you have a choice between brown or vintage gray colour.

Fully Wrapped, fresh and ready to go. Photo: d. king
Vegan cheese selection may vary. Photo: d. king

Everything inside the package is tasteful, Organic and Vegan except for the cheese which is dairy.  Please specify for total vegan option and we will happily substitute the dairy for quality Canadian vegan cheese.  *Variety is sometimes subject to availability but quality will always remain.  We give you three full size selections.

Add-ons upon request: we can include a pre-packaged artistically displayed charcuterie selection for two – from Charcuterie Vancouver of either regular or vegan dried meats.  One day advance notice.

Tray beautiful Charcuterie example.

We collaborate with people who put passion into their products – from Summerhill Pyramid Winery (they also provide the  icewine & wine jelly), Les Amis du Fromage, Hooray Truffles, Koko Monk Chocolates, Eve’s Crackers, Charcuterie Vancouver, Be Fresh, Leis-de-Buds.

Made in British Columbia.  Organic.  Sustainable.  Small Lot.  Discerning Delights.

Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Okanagan, Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands


photos: d. king

You also have a choice of this classic chic birdcage which includes a bottle of the best BC bubbly (Cipes Blanc de Blanc) with local cheese selection (dairy or vegan), ice wine jelly, chocolates, crackers, dried lavender and bamboo cheeseboard.  Birdcage can later be used as decoration to hold a plant, voltive or tealight candle or possibly…a bird?  Price: $345.00

ABOUT THE BUBBLY: Cipes Blanc de Blanc is made in the traditional method – fermented in bottle just like Champagne. However, Champagne is a term now limited to the French wine region of that name.  But believe me; this is as good as it gets for great tasting champagne Oops; I mean sparking wine in this country.

Koko Monk hand picked favourites.


*(Very intriguing product for very important people).

Proudly presented by Girl who would be KING


Hooray for Raspberry Balsamic, Blueberry Balsamic +Caramels to brighten up your day.

is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson –

Girl who would be King - Copy


No Shopping Cart is set up yet as this is local & made to order or several days ahead notice.  Payment can be made through Paypal, e-transfer or cash.

If you have any questions or to enquire about upcoming gifts please send an e-mail to:


Hooray Truffles donates annually a percentage of profits to The Looking Glass Foundation which strives to support individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating.  The Looking Glass Foundation offers innovative and accessible programs and services that decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals on their road to recovery.

This website will donate a percentage of profits to The Wildlife Rescue Association, mostly known for their wildlife hospital and rehabilitation facility. More than 5,000 wild animals are admitted every year which need help.

WHY AGING IS A GOOD THING: INTERESTING FACTS about where the wine in your package is aged – taken from the Summerhill Pyramid Winery Website.

The Pyramid

The Summerhill Pyramid is second only to the Great Pyramid of Egypt for alignment and precision. The Great Pyramid is built with technology we don’t have today. It is a solid stone structure with the stones fused together so perfectly that you can’t put paper between them. The stones are so large that we do not have the equipment to move them, much less cut and place them as the ancient civilization that built the Great Pyramid did thousands of years ago. It remains the largest man made structure on the planet and it is built to absolute sacred geometry, both pi and phi, and aligned to absolute True North and has no ferrous metals in it so that it does not re-orient to magnetic north.

The message is profound. We have a twenty year experiment proving the effect of sacred geometry on liquids with a twenty year track record of international gold medals. My goal from the beginning was and is to make the finest wine in the world, especially sparkling wines. The French tradition of putting sparkling wines in a dark cool place for thirty days for the cuvee and dosage to ‘marry’ was my original inspiration to achieve this goal. The wines are made using only minimal intervention winemaking, and grown 100% organically in this extraordinary pristine semi desert valley, and the clarification in this True Pyramid is the final step in production. These are alive wines full of nature’s grandness, made in the most unique winery in the world.

I welcome you with my heart, to open your heart to this unique experience.” -Stephen Cipes, founder/proprietor

Pyramid Cellar Aged Wine

The experiment is an overwhelming success! The conclusion… There is a definite and profound effect on liquids placed in sacred geometry. Three years of conclusive taste test comparisons in the 900 ft² pyramid led to the building of our new Pyramid that is a 4 story high 3249 ft² 8% replica of the Great Pyramid. Every day at 2 o’clock for three years, we toured the smaller pyramid with the general public.  We did taste comparisons of the same wine, bottled on the same day, and served at the same temperature.  One was stored in the pyramid for 30-90 days and the other never having being put in the pyramid.  The results were overwhelming.  The tasters chose the pyramid-aged wine almost unanimously every day as being smoother and having a better aroma.  These experiments boosted our convictions that indeed, a precisely constructed pyramid (that was oriented to true north versus magnetic north, and that was constructed without the use of ferrous metals so that it would not be reoriented to magnetic north) becomes a chamber for the “clarification” of liquids.  For instance, a bad tasting wine, or juice, would become more foul tasting.  The chamber seems to bring out flaws as well as exaggerating the qualities. We humans are made mostly of liquid and seem to be affected by the chamber as well.  We can actually feel our own “life force energy” strengthen within the Pyramid!

Many experiments have been documented in replica pyramids. For instance, it is well established that rather than rotting, milk turns to yogurt, meat petrifies and razor blades will become sharper in the pyramid (this has been patented). A timed photography experiment, conducted outdoors in an open frame pyramid, revealed that a plant growing inside the pyramid grew in a clockwise motion, while a twin sister plant nearby but not in a pyramid grew “helter skelter”.

The Site of the Summerhill Pyramid

The site was carefully chosen.  First a check of interfering energies was exhausted (i.e. underground streams, electric current exposure, gas line interference, etc.)  Then the earth under the pyramid was compacted to 100%.  Then a surveyor lined up the square base to coincide with exact True North as it is here in Kelowna.  The area was then checked by an astronomer who lined up the foundation to the North Star precisely.  It is interesting to note that much excitement took place when we aligned the site because the astronomer’s news that almost to the day, 1997 was “the year of the Great Pyramid”.

More on Summerhill’s Organic/Biodynamic wine making methods at link below:

Soon to come:

Reigning Face Oil + Essence

handmade, small-batch, deluxe facial oil + spray. Because…

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.


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