SKIN so DIVINE natural, healing, essential skincare products.  Made in small batches, by hand.skin7

4 complete products to pamper & spoil youinner7

It’s quite simple. Skin so Divine was tailor made for someone passionate about skincare but very fussy and not completely satisfied with what was already out there on the mass skincare market. Someone with sensitive skin.

skinThese products are 100% natural, no animal testing, environmentally friendly and safe for all skin types. From dehydrated, to oily and even those with Rosacea.  All products work well together and individually.  They will help repair and nourish you skin.  Most of all, they work. The oil has a carefully sourced concentration of the worlds finest healing essential oils and acts more like a serum as it is highly concentrated yet gentle. You can use it nightly and in the daytime before putting on sunscreen.  We like to mix a little with our tinted moisturizer.  A little goes a long way.skin4

The OIL:

No need to be afraid of the word “oil” because as it turns out it can actually transform your skin for the better. Just as oils rich in essential fatty acids are required in our daily diet to keep our bodies healthy, the right skin care oils are also necessary to keep our skin healthy. When oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve the lipid barrier function. More often than not you’ll see immediate results from the first application.

DIVINE FACIAL OIL was created as a luxe comfort product. It was formulated using 20 of the most sumptuous and vital ingredients essential for the well being of your skin. A luxuriously nourishing oil that’s beneficial for moisturizing all skin types especially dry, dehydrated & mature skin.  You can use it in the daytime too and it’s even good mixed with your regular sunscreen or tinted moisturizer. Size: 2 oz/60 mL glass bottle with dropper.  Price: $75 CDN.


DIVINE MIST is a refreshingly hydrating facial mist with delightful floral waters and essential oils that also doubles as a toner. Size: 4 oz/100 mL glass bottle with spray.  Price: $25 CDN.

Divine Mist
Divine Mist
Divine Makeup Remover
Divine Makeup Remover


DIVINE MAKEUP REMOVER will instantly dissolve your eye and face makeup while nourishing your skin.  Size: 4 oz/100 mL glass bottle.  Price: $35 CDN.

 We also have a *jet set travel package.divinetravelset_grande

*Each product is smaller versions (except for the balm which is full size – a great deal) of “Skin so Divine” originals and made with pure essential oils & exotic floral waters.

  • DIVINE TRAVEL SKINCARE SET – an ‘all-inclusive’ Flight Package containing 4 product offerings that will work non-stop to keep your skin in-check & baggage to a minimum.  Each hydrating skin product comes in convenient *PET plastic bottles & a jar (for the balm) and packaged inside a  plastic travel bag which is mailed inside a cute take-out lunch box – just for fun .  PERFECT for traveling (or just when your skin needs that extra boost of hydration).  Easy for carrying on board in your purse or packed away in a suitcase. *PET plastic does not contain BPA. PET is globally recognized as a safe, recyclable packaging material. Numerous tests have created a broad scientific consensus that PET is non-toxic and is a safe material.

You will receive:

Ready for Take-Off” – a gentle eye + face makeup-remover

Refresh Facial Mist” – hydrating facial mist

It’s a Luxe Life” – Facial Oil

Moisture Balm” – advanced care for eyes/lips/cuticles

Price for Travel Set: $145 CDN


DIVINE BALM is a soothing + moisturizing balm for eyes, lips and cuticles.  Works exceptionally well.  Glass Jar.  Price: $49 CDN.

Divine Balm
Divine Balm

Blog post on Divine Beauty Balm:

IMPORTANT: Pure essential oils DO NOT go rancid. However, they do degrade through the process of oxidation. Heat, sunlight and air can all break down the chemical structure of essential oils so it’s important to protect them by storing them in a cool dark place and making sure that the top is put back on securely after each use.

Get SpOILed – Be SpOILed – Feel SpOILed!


PERSONAL SHOPPING EXPERTISE – Your Personal Shopping Concierge

Our team takes the time to search on your behalf for any item you require for your gift buying needs.  We have extensive product knowledge, strong people skills, international connections and know where to go to get whatever you’re looking for.

We’re Vancouver based but ship worldwide and pass any savings we may receive on to YOU.

Our previous work experience has been in the public sector and special events management.  We’ve been responsible in the past for providing services to high profile people from CEO’s and VP’s of television corporations to Hollywood Royalty. In today’s busy society We’re more in demand than ever!


Girl who would be King - CopyProudly presented by Girl who would be KING

 If you would like to purchase a skincare product or enquire about skincare or personal shopping please e-mail Debbie –


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