Feel-good Friday: a good healthy laugh

Have you heard of Graham Norton? OMG his show is so funny. Of course it would be, he’s British Irish!

He's the guy in the polks dot shirt. It's his show.
He’s the guy in the polka dot shirt. 

It’s been some time since I got enthusiastic about watching a talk show. Even though Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are funny, smart and talented hosts I get tired of the same routine and the same guests who seem to jump from one show to the next and the stories are all the same. I used to love watching “Chelsea Lately” until Chelsea Handler’s wisecracks became predictable and a bit rudely over the top. I think Jon Stewart was brilliant on the Daily Show (HateWatch anyone; super funny) & David Letterman’s finale was hilarious.  I stopped watching the late night talk shows but that’s mostly because I’m usually in bed before they come on.

Recently someone turned me onto this BBC guy Graham Norton (the graham norton show) because of an episode with Jim Carrey talking about Dumb and Dumber to, actor Jude Law starring in adventure thriller Black Sea, and actress Tamsin Greig, on stage in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (loved the original film version) & Jeff Daniels.  I like the way they all interact together as if you’re sitting in someone’s living room…of somebody famous that is. I’m always interested to find out what Jim Carrey is up to because I’ve always been a fan and especially since having met him on a handful of occasions on account of a mutual friend – from an intimate dinner to an intimate Malibu wedding and a few house parties. He’s no dummy to, obviously quick witted and has a spiritual side not many people are aware of. He’s got the best energy.

Even if you only watch the first few minutes (but try to stick it out for at least 10 minutes) it’s guaranteed (in my opinion) to make you laugh. WATCH THIS:

Comedy is good for our health therefore we need comedians, especially now.