**Blissed out on a beach.                                                                                                                **extremely happy & content; ecstatic or a trance-like happiness.

After a wet spring hiatus this blog is back on track for summer with some fresh tips on how to enjoy yourself.  Actually I don’t have time to tell you now as I have to get back out there.  Summer took forever to get here this year and it disappears all too quickly.  I can’t believe my August magazine subscriptions have now arrived.

The Jazz Festival (not just jazz) is now over and enjoyed another great success.  Looking forward to more upcoming Vancouver annual events like the Folk Music Festival (not only folk music), with all the vendors along Jericho beach, Kits Days (30 bands this year on 4th Ave.),  Caribbean Days, Celebration of Light Fireworks & the Pride Parade and Festival.  Enjoy your summer but stay tuned for more updates!

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