A Way with Wine

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Aha! The real secret to Betty White’s youthfulness!
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B Well – Wine Not? Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Isn’t it nice to find out that a certain vice which is somewhat indulgent is actually good for you?…in moderation.

What Makes Resveratrol a Unique Antioxidant?

Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants because it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system, and studies show that its benefits are wide reaching, including:

Protecting your cells from free radical damage

• Inhibiting the spread of cancer, especially prostate cancer

• Lowering your blood pressure

Keeping your heart healthy and improving elasticity in your blood vessels

• Normalizing your anti-inflammatory response

• Helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Because resveratrol appears to be so effective at warding off many diseases associated with aging, it is often referred to a “fountain of youth” that can extend lifespan.

Already, animal studies have shown that resveratrol helped overweight mice run farther and live about 20 percent longer. It has even been found to increase the lifespan of human cells.  No wonder I was able to run the half marathon after consuming several glasses the night before!

Resveratrol also seems to produce many similar benefits as exercise, and I suspect it would be a powerful addition to exercise. Maybe I’ll fill my water bottle with vino next time I hit the gym.

New research explains resveratrol’s effect on inflammation, and also shows how it can be used to treat potentially deadly inflammatory disease, such as appendicitis, peritonitis, and systemic sepsis.

The Best Sources of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is found in grapes, which produce it as a defense against fungi. Muscadine grapes actually have the highest concentration of resveratrol in nature because of their extra thick skins and numerous seeds where it is concentrated.

Resveratrol is found in abundance in red wine, and it’s highly soluble in alcohol, meaning your body may absorb more of it from red wine than from other sources. But there ARE other sources out there, including cocoa, dark chocolate and peanuts.

If you opt to take a resveratrol supplement (I always prefer the natural solution), there are numerous products on the market. Be sure to look for one made from muscadine grapes that uses WHOLE grape skins and seeds, as this is where many of the benefits are concentrated. That’s grape news!

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San Francisco’s Hayes Valley – I’m a Valley Girl at heart!

Great name for a shoe boutique – just GIMME MORE!

Hayes Valley girl that is!  A district of San Francisco discovered last year while staying at a quaint boutique hotel (Inn at the Opera) in town to run the Nike Women’s half marathon. Located a short walking distance to the Opera House, City Hall and about a 20 minute walk to Union Square.

Cool furnishings

A place that surprised me to find out that only twenty years ago was considered a haven for the city’s homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes.  In other words quite a seedy location which they cleaned up pretty good.  Something reminiscent of New York City’s Meat Packing District.

The most delicious macaroons from France
Furniture for thought

Since then it has developed into a haven for haute couture.  Where the crack houses and tenements once stood, there are now trendy fashion boutiques, SoHo-style funky art galleries, high-end interior-decorating shops, top-notch restaurants and hip nightspots.

You light up my life
Sake wall display

Now, tourists also head here specifically for the shopping, for one-of-a-kinds like a buffalo-leather chair or an exclusive Sue Wong Art Deco gown.

Great vintage shops with amazing finds – things like slightly used Louis Vuitton luggage and crocodile handbags for only $350.  It was hard to tell if I was in a really great second hand shop or that of a local designer.

In any event it was fun to even window shop, have a bite to eat and just walk around this interesting combination of “old meets trendy” district which reminded me of Palermo in Buenos Aires or Knightsbridge in London.

Wall display – local bakery
lovely lingerie – jesusfernandez would go perfectly amongst Eres and La Perla.
Plants a plenty – not used to seeing outdoor Jade plants
I had the best turkey club at “Grove”.  Short of growing their own vegetables and raising  their own turkeys – all dishes are made in house with a diverse selection.
Zen window display clothing boutique
People become “Absinthe” minded at times at Absinthe bar and restaurant.  Tried it?
No matter how fashionable you are shopping can get tiring!

For hotel info: http://shellhospitality.com

AWay with Words – drunk on quotes

“I drink to make other people interesting.”  Unknown

This is “True Sake” in San Francisco.              Finest Selections!

“It is the man who drinks the first bottle of saké; then the second bottle drinks the first, and finally it is the saké that drinks the man.”  Japanese proverb

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”
Frank Sinatra [1915 – 1998]

“I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it.”
Rodney Dangerfield [1921-2004]

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”
Ernest Hemmingway [1899-1961]

“sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink”.
– Lady Astor to Winston Churchill
“Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.”
-His reply.

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”
Henny Youngman [1906-1998]

Draft beer, not people.  ~Author Unknown

The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity.  ~Author Unknown

Great find! – Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard ’08 Pinot


B Well – the benefits of saké kasu

On Tuesday I posted a recipe for salmon using saké kasu as one of the main ingredients.  Not only is this dish delicious and easy to make but have a look at the amazing health benefits:

Japanese saké contains many components, including amino acids. Amino acids have many beneficial aspects for health because they activate brain function, strengthen the immune system and may help to prevent cancer.

Saké -Kasu is a by-product of sake. In other words, it is what is leftover after making sake. Saké is made from rice, koji (mold), and water. After the process of alcoholic fermentation, the liquid (finished sake) is filtered and leaves mash behind. This mash is called “sake lees.” Among other benefits the “lees” are found to activate a kind of lymphocyte known to kill only cancer cells.

Saké -kasu (or sake lees which are the leftover bits) is known for other remarkable health benefits which includes helping to lower blood cholesterol and making skin healthier. In Japan, you’ll find saké -kasu beauty treatments such as saké -kasu massage, facial masks and bath products.  It is said to be used as one of the main ingredients (pitera) in *SK-II facial products – a top seller in Japan (and abroad) *Pitera is the broth that’s made by the yeast.

The history of SK-II goes back to the 1970s when a scientist in Japan noticed the very soft and youthful hands of women working in a Japanese saké brewery. After years of research the scientists were able to isolate the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they called *Pitera.

Preventing aging and senility: It is well known that people who drink Japanese saké every day in moderation, have better brain function than people who don’t drink at all. It was also recently discovered that peptide in Japanese saké is very effective in preventing forgetfulness.  That’s great news because I never forget to drink mine!  Campai!……cheers!

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Personal Post – I like to wine for the saké of it!

I have taken a few “prisoners” from NAPA – loved them all.

WINE IMPROVES WITH AGE. The older I get, the better I like it.  Anonymous

Here are some of my favorite wines from the Napa/Sonoma region. Looking forward to discovering lots more.

You can double click on photos to enlarge.

NAPA here we come!

Russian River Valley Pinot
Chateau St-Jean ’07 Merlot

I’m also starting to really appreciate some select sakes.

Beau’s Pick 2001 Cab Sauv from NAPA
Markham Vineyards Merlot ’08
Benzinger ’07 Cabernet

So far I’ve not been able to find any so-so wines in Sonoma.

SONOMA here we come!

Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine – Joan Collins

Gloria Ferrer Gravel Knob Pinot Noir ’06 – Sonoma
Jacuzzi Montepulciano 2010 Italian grapes grown in Sonoma
Kendall Jackson ’08 Chardonnay
These sakés are not your run of the mill.

There are way too many good wines out there to mention in this blog but I can personally attest to the quality of these shown in the photos – having tested them all.

Too many wine….too little time!

INtrigue INsider – IN Garbe

Not only is the “Biko” (bamboo fleece sweatshirt) by Garbe my most comfortable and cozy new staple but it’s also super stylish as well with the

raglan sleeves,

deep side pockets

and french back seam

My only worry is that I’ll be wearing it way too much but at least it’s flattering worn with a multitude of bottoms.

Shown with the Hayden Pant in wool jersey with big side pockets.




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décor – Intriguing Interiors

MINT is unique furniture + beautiful objects

MINT Interiors was created by Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma with a vision to bring to Vancouver truly original furnishings that help people create homes that are extensions of their individuality. We believe that your home should reflect your personality and act as a sanctuary from the speed of modern life.

MINTeresting pictures
lights and hand made mixed-media bags
Wall paper has never looked this good

or more in vogue

coffee table

local designs

beautiful feather pillows

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