B Well – the healthy (thank you god) benefits of dark chocolate.


The Basics:

It’s more than wishful thinking — chocolate can be good for you. Studies show that eating chocolate, primarily dark chocolate, may contribute to improved cardiovascular health. Packed with natural antioxidants, dark chocolate and cocoa sit in the same good-for-you category as green tea and blueberries. That’s because chocolate comes from cacao beans (or cocoa beans), which grow on the cacao tree and are full of natural plant nutrients. Most of the studies to date highlight dark chocolate’s health values because it has the highest percentage of cocoa solids, therefore more flavanol antioxidants.

My late afternoon snack will now consist of a cup of green tea with dark chocolate over blueberries.  What time is it?

An Antioxidant Powerhouse

Dark chocolate and cocoa are rich in cell-protecting antioxidants — natural compounds found in fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. Read what scientists are studying regarding antioxidants and cardiovascular disease & premature aging.

Matters of the Heart

Recent studies have shown dark chocolate and cocoa may be good for your heart. In short-term clinical trials, dark chocolate has reduced blood pressure, improved blood flow, showed mild anti-clotting effects and may help prevent plaque formation in arteries.

Okay so it's not dark but it's Beckham.  Try to take a bite out of that!
Okay so it’s not dark but it’s David Beckham. Try to take a bite out of that –  I’m sure he’s very good!

Sweet News For Managing Blood Sugar

Despite its sweet reputation, dark chocolate has a low glycemic index similar to that of oatmeal — meaning it does not send your blood sugar spiking. Find out more about the surprising chemistry behind your favorite treat.

Vital Minerals

Like any plant-based food, chocolate naturally contains an array of minerals.

Chocolate and Your Brain

Is it more than just the taste? Why does chocolate make us feel good? This is what they do know: chocolate contains more than 500 natural chemical compounds, some of which have been categorized as mood-elevating and pleasure-inducing.

Emerging Science

Buoyed by positive findings, more research is being conducted on chocolate’s health benefits, including potential cancer-fighting abilities and improved cognitive function. Learn about chocolate’s future in health studies.  Taken from allchocolate.com

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B Well – on Whitening

Is whitening toothpaste simply a waste of money?

white teethWhen it comes to that million dollar movie star smile, everyone knows only one color will do: bright white.Yes, for those committed to looking perfect, a set of shiny white teeth is a must-have accessory. As such, a range of treatments and products are available to get those pearly yellows white.

In-office whitening treatments are the most effective, but also the most expensive, and even store bought whitening treatments can cost more than $100, so many of us opt for a more low-cost option: whitening toothpaste.

The question is, do they work? A new investigation conducted by British newspaper The Daily Mail has found that none of the six whitening toothpastes they tested had any affect on tooth color.

First, the paper had the tooth color of six women in their 30s and 40s professionally assessed by a dentist. Then they had the women brush with a whitening toothpaste for a month.

The toothpastes tested were Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, SwissDent Xtreme Whitening Toothpaste, Oral B 3D White Enamel Protect, Beverly Hills Natural Whitening Expert, BlanX Intense Stain Removal, and Rembrandt Complete Whitening Mint.

Any whitening effect that these types of pastes have is likely due to abrasive additives rather than the bleach they contain, reports the Los Angeles Times. For example, Crest 3D White Vivid contains tiny hydrated silica particles, which scrub the tooth surface clean. Though some pastes also contain bleach, experts say it has no effect, because it is rinsed away before it has a chance to act.

The results of the Daily Mail‘s month long test? There was no perceptible change in tooth color in any of the test subjects, regardless of which paste they used.

So, why can toothpastes claim they are whitening?

“Any toothpaste can claim to whiten teeth,” says Advertising Standards Canada spokesperson Nicole Bellam. “They’re allowed to claim that, even if it’s just by mechanical action.”

She explains that according to Health Canada’s Guidelines for Cosmetic Advertising and Labelling Claims, even if a toothpaste contains no bleach, an active whitening agent,  or an abrasive that helps scrub the tooth clean, it can still claim it is a whitening toothpaste.

“Even regular flouride toothpaste can make that claim,” says Bellam.  There are, however, rules around exactly how these claims are made. For example, a toothpaste can claim that it “whitens” or “brightens” teeth, but it cannot claim that it “bleaches” teeth.

The lesson here? Use a whitening toothpaste if you must, as it may be giving your teeth an extra scrub. Just don’t expect miracles.      

                                                               Article By Lia Grainger | Shine On


B Well – the Health Benefits of Pet Ownership.

Or in my case -borrowship.  But here is a list of the TOP 10 HEALTH BENEFITS of having a pet according to Dr. Dave Hepburn who owns a Havanese pup named Leo.

catanddog1 Several studies have shown that having a pet helps you get in shape. One study showed that new dog owners lose an average of 14 pounds in the first year.

2 Pets help people survive heart attacks. Pet owners have healthier hearts. Those who own a dog are eight times more likely to survive one year after a heart attack.funny-cat-and-dog-photos-42

3 Pets are great for mental health. Patients who have pets are less depressed or anxious and show lower scores on the depression severity scale. So, if you’re feeling blue take two Shih Tzu and call me in the morning.

4 A study out of the University of Missouri showed that within minutes of petting a dog, there is a massive release of beneficial hormones ( in the petter) known to be associated with health and feelings of well being.

5 Dogs are beneficial in speech and language development. (My Spanish is already getting better). Dogs are instantly loyal and eager to please — perfect companions during sometimes difficult speech- therapy sessions.

6 Pets help blunt pain. By initiating and maintaining the relaxation response, a pet can distract a patient’s focus from his or her pain and elevate his or her mood.

7 Pet owners often feel needed and responsible, which may stimulate the survival incentive. There is the feeling of the need to pull through a surgery or major illness to take care of their pets. Many cancer patients with pets admit to striving hard to live longer because they felt that their pets need them and only them.

8 Pets in the home teach empathy and responsibility and even raise IQs. In fact, dogs can improve children’s reading scores. Trained teams of dogs and humans help children who have trouble reading to jump grade levels in just a few months in a program where children read to dogs.

9 Seniors who have pets have far fewer doctor visits and sleep better.

10 To many researchers, the most exciting facet of these studies is that positive human- animal interaction may delay production of harmful body chemicals associated with diseases such as cancer. Studies indicate an improvement in body chemicals associated with a healthy immune system. We may see a time when people at risk for certain illnesses including cancer may be prescribed a Chihuahua.dog1

Dr. Dave Hepburn, Postmedia News. Watch Dr. Dave on “Buyologic” on OWN, Tuesdays at 6: 30 p. m.

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B Well with Spice Rack Remedy Superstars

spicesDID YOU KNOW that your kitchen counter might already hold the cure for what ails you?

Since time immemorial, humans have used spices to better their food and their bodies.  Our ancestors knew which spices would settle an upset stomach, relieve inflammation, and more.  Now studies have finally proven that whether you’ve got achy muscles, a cold that just won’t quit, or a case of the blues, reaching for a natural healer may be just what the doctor ordered.

CORIANDER (or CILANTRO) in its leafy form is a powerful bacteria fighter.  The oil from coriander seeds (which destroys cells by damaging their membranes and interfering with cellular respiration) is effective in wiping out strains from E. coli to salmonella.  You can add the seeds from everything from fruit salad to pasta.  You can dry toast them for a minute and toss them with olive oil and quinoa.

CINNAMON may lower your diabetes risk by triggering enzymes that stimulate insulin receptors and inhibiting enzymes that deactivate them.  It can improve cells’ ability to absorb glucose from the blood.  It has also been found to reduce triglycerides and harmful cholesterol.  I add about half a teaspoon to my coffee in the morning but you can also use it for savory dishes like lamb & tomato soup.

TUMERIC  is thought to have cancer fighting properties.  UCLA researchers have found that curcumin, an antioxidant in the spice, can help prevent and treat head and neck cancers by blocking a protein that promotes tumor growth.  That same protein causes joint inflammation, so curcumin could also reduce arthritis risk.  Use not only in Indian dishes but you can add a bit to lemonade for an extra dash of tartness or things like hummus for a sunny burst of color.

GARLIC helps protect your immune system by boosting production of infection-fighting white blood cells.  Allicin, garlic’s main active component, is thought to block enzymes that lead to viral infections.  We all know what we can use garlic on……almost everything.  Try driizzling a head of garlic with olive oil, roast it, then squeeze and spread the cloves on your sandwiches.

SAFFRON might help alleviate mild to moderate mood depression.  In a 2005 study, saffron supplements (didn’t know they did supplements) were as effective as a common anti-depressent in reducing depressive symptoms.  In a 2008 study, 76 percent of women who took saffron capsules daily reported a 50 percent drop in PMS symptoms like mood swings and fatigue.  Steep saffron in any liquid to infuse whatever you’re cooking with its flavor.  I love it with rice or quinoa.

GINGER has anti-inflammatory properties.  It blocks serotonin receptors in the small intestine so it can help keep you from feeling nauseated or throwing up.  A study has shown that it also helps in reducing muscle pain from exercise.  You can saute fresh ginger with veggies, fish or chicken.  Steeping ginger in hot water is great for tea.  Just add a bit of honey. I usually add it to fresh juice for a little zip.

Taken from “Feeling Good” an article by Nicole Frehsée for “O” Magazine.

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B Well – How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Holiday Season

I’m so happy because I NEVER get sick.  You know what they say…..never say never!

sick girl So when I was just recently and surprisingly infected by some viral throat bug going around it really hit me hard.  Even though you try to do everything right some things just sneak up on you just like that, when you least expect it and from out of nowhere.  So the advice below is stuff we all know we should follow but it doesn’t hurt to give it a second thought.  So try your best to not get sick especially during this time of year when everyone is out celebrating – you want to be at your BEST.

Avoid Getting Sick During the Holiday Season – by branica

For many people the holiday season is filled with lots of specialty food, shopping, stress and long nights of wrapping gifts, signing Christmas cards and holiday parties. All of this extra activity tends to leave people feeling run-down, exhausted and sick. Take a few precautions during this holiday season to prevent the illness that will plague others around you.


Don’t Stress: Stress is a major cause of that run-down feeling which can make a person more susceptible to the illnesses that are common around the holiday season. Colds and flu that frequently circulate through schools and office buildings during months of cold weather will attack when your defenses are down. Take a few precautions like sticking to a schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed to help decrease stress levels. According to WebMD.com “There’s evidence that when you put your relaxation skills into action, your interleukins- leaders in the immune system response against cold and flu viruses- increase in the bloodstream. Train yourself to picture an image you find pleasant or calming. Do this as often as possible.

Get Rest: Much like stress, exhaustion can also help make you more succeptible to the airborne germs that multiply during the colder months of the year. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep nightly to help fend off any germs that may be attempting to bring down your immunity.

Take Vitamins: Certain supplements such as Vitamin C can be taken to prevent colds. Eat fruits with natural Vitamin C or take supplements (according to recommended daily allowances) to help fend off the winter germs.

Eat Right: Eating well can help you strengthen your immune system. By eating an appropriate balanced diet of carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, and minimize the amount of processed foods you eat. According to allwomenstalk.com a diet high in carbohydrates can attract the microbes that feed off glucose and make you more susceptible to colds.

Exercise Frequently: Although exercising won’t directly prevent a cold- the stronger you are physically, the more likely you are to be able to fend off a cold. So exercise regularly and help your body defend itself against germs and viruses.

Wash Your Hands Often: Many germs are passed on from other people onto doorknobs, car door handles, counters, money and more. Wash your hands frequently to avoid ingesting the germs you touch every day. Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes to help prevent the spread of germs.

Health = Happiness                                                                                                       Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!

AWay with Words – healthy words of wisdom

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”  ~John F. Kennedy

apple for blog health for blogJust because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~Author Unknown

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  ~Doug Larson

If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it”  ~Common sense

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  ~Author Unknown

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”  ~Josh Billings

Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”  ~Denis Waitley

B Well – MAKA me feel good!

macaGrowing high up in the Andes of Bolivia and Peru is a hearty root vegetable that has been cultivated since pre-Incan times.  It goes by the name “Maca” (Lepidium meyenii).  It is revered in the ancient Incan culture for its many medicinal purposes. According to folk belief, it is a plant known for its legendary ability to deliver energy and mental clarity, and enhance sex drives in Peruvians for more than 2,000 years. Why should they have ALL the benefits?

So why wasn’t I made aware of this before traveling to both Bolivia and Peru?  I had to find out about this powerful superfood at of all places the recent Vancouver Health Show. I was feeling somewhat sluggish so sampled a small amount given to me in a tiny paper cup. Right after drinking it I immediately felt a nice energy rush but without the jolt of caffeine.  Intriguing! I wanted to find out more so I’m reading the book thepowerofmacaThe power of Maca” by Lorrie Ingram who does a wonderful job in unlocking the magic of this ancient wonder.

In chapter nine she talks about the healing benefits of Maca – a nutrient beneficial for both males and females.

For Women: Maca can enhance libido, increase aphrodisiac activity, increase energy, stamina and endurance, increase sexual stimulation, assist to overcome depression and chronic fatigue, improve the immune system, increase general well-being, help fight menopausal symptoms, decrease stress and anxiety, reduce hot flashes, improve hormonal balance, and it may improve sleep patterns.  Maca is an adjunct to hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) and is also known to correct menstrual irregularity and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) issues, enhance fertility, improve concentration and state of mind.  IS THAT ALL?

For Men: can help to enhance libido, increase aphrodisiac activity, increase energy, stamina and endurance, assist to overcome depression and chronic fatigue, improve the immune system, and increase general well being.  Maca can assist with increasing testosterone levels, and aid in erectile dysfunction.  Maca assists with building muscle mass and is therefore a safe and effective alternative to steroids. My advice is that ALL men should take it.maca 2

Maca is also known to increase DHEA in most males and females.  It is a potent antioxidant that fights aging and provides cellular protection.  And last, but most definitely not least, Maca is known to provide significant rebuilding of bone density in individuals with osteoporosis.  And I say…what’s not to love?

Okay you’ve got me!  How many of us suffer from at least one of the symptoms listed? To know that there’s a natural, nutrient rich, healthy food that you can safely add to your diet to improve your system AND assist you in feeling great is the best thing going!

ultimate maca liquidUltimate “Maca Energy” liquid extract from Preferred Nutrition available at link below:


Don’t miss this interview from Voice America’s “Transforming Health” with host Brad King about the powers of Maca.  It will give you all the information you need to know at link below.


Book “The Power of Maca” available at Amazon.ca

B Well – Divine Intervention

Vancouver’s Best Kept Secret – “Tea So Divine!”

signThe name of a unique little shop I discovered for the first time last week after having sushi.  It looked intriguing from the outside (as in not so sure exactly what to expect) and it’s not your typical tea shop.  Indeed not! I had to step inside. (double click on any photo to enlarge).

magic 2I loved all the different one-of-a-kind hand painted tea cups from the Orient and their great smelling variety of teas.  Not to mention a few healthy skin care products, jewelery and cooking oil.

Tea So DivineI bought what is supposedly the “world’s best” Earl Grey loose leaf.  It apparently won the award but even if that wasn’t the case the smell alone was enough to grab me. Yes; I’d love to take a few photos and write something for my blog so more people will know about this new find.

cups & cannisters
cups & canisters

Stephen the owner is clearly not impressed and asked me why I would want to do that when he hadn’t even explained to me the “real” uniqueness of his shop.  I was missing a few key elements.

For instance, his magic tea cups made of Tourmaline & 20 other crystals that generate far-infrared rays & negative ions. So they were more than just a pretty cup!  He is the only person carrying them and explained that it makes any drink taste better.

Stephen holding up a "magic" cup.
Stephen holding up a “magic” cup.

Makes tap water taste like spring water, tea & even coffee smoother, sweeter, softer & cleaner.  He really educated me on the whole deal and all the health benefits involved.  Soft clean water boosts metabolism, blood circulation, weight loss, immunity & well being.  How just holding the magic cup brings relaxation & clarity to the person holding it.  He insists the cup will change my life. Magic words. Maybe he’s just a really good salesperson but he was so convincing that I’m going back to pick my “perfect” cup.  I have to give it some thought as it will be my “cup for life!”  We’re not finished…


tea 2


there’s the Tea “Seed” Oil (not to be confused with tea “tree” oil) oilwhich is cold pressed and extracted from green tea seeds and Stephen says it has better health benefits than that of both virgin coconut & olive oil. He’s very convincing but it’s almost too much for me to take in.  I start looking into it myself and find out that yes, it contains one of the LOWEST levels of saturated fats and is one of the HIGHEST levels of healthy mono unsaturated fats.  It has a great source of vital Vitamin E, antioxidants, healthy omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.  Rich in vitamins & minerals, it contains high levels of vitamins A, B and E.  It is also a good source of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron manganese.  Hey there’s even more but the thing is it is also the healthiest all-purpose cooking oil as it has one of the highest smoking points (252 C, or 486 F).  Also an excellent carrier oil for skincare products. AHA moment!  In that case we’re looking into adding it to our new “get spOILed” facial oil.  I leave feeling slightly overwhelmed but satiated with this new discovery.  I’ll mull it over a cup of tea at home.

This one appeals to me
This one appeals to me
This one too.
This one too.

Store location:  3175 W Broadway in Kitsilano.  Tel: 604.783.3909

Website: http://teasodivine.biz


Best selection of healing teas.
Best selection of healing teas.
Store Front
Store Front

p.s. This could be a whole post on its own but yesterday I went in to take these photos and was in for an unexpected treat.  Feeling a bit run down I was ordered asked to sit down and drink several cups of healing tea inside a magic cup of course, while sitting in front of an infrared heat lamp (he has so many gadgets not available in North America) while wearing an infrared heating pad, crystal chain, healing bracelets and was treated to a very effective but somewhat painful Meridian point neck massage.  This guy is not fooling around & he seems to know what he’s doing because I did feel better after.  Not to mention more relaxed and centered. Talk about getting spoiled!

B Well – The Good, the Bad and the Bacteria.

What can be aggressive, multiply rapidly but the naked eye cannot see? Bacteria!

Only viruses are smaller than bacteria.  A tiny drop of water can contain billions of these usually single-celled organisms that have only one chain of DNA and no nucleus (control center of a cell).  In favorable environments they multiple rapidly and are either aerobic (must have oxygen to live) or anaerobic which means they can flourish without oxygen.

How to get less bacteria in your diet:  The Cook’s Illustrated kitchen ran a test on the best way to wash fruits and vegetables using apples and pears an an example.  They tried four ways:

Washing with tap water, scrubbing with a brush, washing with antibacterial soap or spraying with a vinegar solution.  They took surface samples, grew the bacteria in Petri dishes and compared results to a non-washed control group.  Here’s what they found after four days:

A cold water rinse eliminated 25 percent of the bacteria and scrubbing with a brush removed 85 percent.  The best way was with something we all have at home: a 1:3 distilled vinegar-water mix (sprayed) which removed 98 percent.  Don’t forget to wash off the vinegar mix before eating.  There was no comment on using the anti-bacterial soap.

Bad Bacteria – better known are the harmful bacteria in our world like Clostridium tetani (which causes tetanus) or Clostridium botulinum (which causes botulism). These bacteria are responsible for causing illness and death since the beginning.  But with the bad there is always some good so…

Good Bacteria – are either harmless or helpful to humans.  Our digestive system is full of billions of bacteria, including Escherichia coli (commonly known as E. coli), which helps us digest our food. Bacteria are also useful in producing some of our favorite foods, like yogurt, cheese and sauerkraut. Some bacteria are decomposers, cleaning our environment of dead and decaying plant and animal material. Some beneficial bacteria are known as probiotics, live and active cultures that promote the body’s digestive system.

It’s like a really bad relationship that you just can’t get rid of. Try to make the most of a bad situation by eating more probiotic yogurt, buying organic as much as possible and properly washing your fruits and veggies.

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B Well – Bonding with Daniel Craig

Mr. Bond

Yeah; I love that dream thought! James Bond is always a good role model and let’s face it Daniel Craig put some extra effort into presenting the best Bond physique by far.  No small feat so if you want to know how he did it just keep reading.  I was exhausted just looking it over.  Courtesy of Ron Zalko via Linkedin.

Note to self: I don’t want to gain muscles like him but I’d like to have a somewhat stricter workout regime and this was definitely inspirational:

The Daniel Craig Workout & Diet

To prepare for his role as Bond, in the film Casino Royale, Craig packed on the beef and became the most muscular James Bond of all-time. His physique caught the attention of Bond fans worldwide and his acting earned him a great deal of praise. The successful transformation of his physique caused everyone to ask how he did it.

Craig’s Workout Program

Daniel Craig enlisted the services of a highly touted British personal trainer in Simon Waterson, who also served in the British military. Waterson designed a program that would help Craig to put on lean muscle through a method of training known as circuit training.  This is where you perform a group of exercises consecutively, without any rest.

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of debate over what Craig’s specific workout routine was for his role in Casino Royale. There are numerous media outlets and popular health sites that have conflicting information about Craig’s workout. Additionally, there are several online sources with inaccurate comments from Daniel Craig.

The Workout Routine

The following routine has been published in several sources including Men’s Health magazine.

Monday: Circuit training for 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise. The routine consisted of the following exercises:

  • Clean and press
  • weighted knee raise
  • weighted step-ups
  • pull-ups
  • incline push-ups
  • dips

Tuesday: Chest and Back workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • incline bench press
  • pull-ups
  • incline flyes
  • incline pushups

Wednesday: Leg workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • squats
  • stiff-leg deadlifts
  • leg curls
  • weighted lunges

Thursday: Arms and Shoulder workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • incline curls
  • dips
  • lateral raises
  • shoulder press

Friday: Repeat of Monday’s circuit training routine

Saturday: Rest day or light cardio and stretching

Sunday: Rest day or light cardio and stretching

There are other sources claiming that Craig’s workout was 5 days a week of circuit training and/or adding several other exercises to the program. However, these sources are not as credible as Men’s Health magazine. Additionally, some sources claim that Craig finished up his workouts with a session of three different ab exercises.

Daniel Craig’s Diet

In addition to a strict workout regimen, Craig was also on a strict diet. However, like the reported workout program, there are numerous variations of Craig’s diet. Here’s what many sources claimed was Craig’s diet:

  • Breakfast: A bowl of porridge or 2 poached eggs on brown bread/toast
  • Snack -A protein shake with some nuts or fruit
  • Lunch– Lean meat or fish with salad & small amount brown rice or a baked potato
  • Snack – A protein shake with nuts or yogurt
  • Dinner –  Lean meat or fish with dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli or spinach

Craig’s diet was allegedly one of low carbs and high protein. It was a healthy blend of lean meats, fruits and vegetables. This is consistent with those who are trying to put on lean muscle and lose body fat. Additionally, Daniel ate 5 small meals throughout the day to improve his metabolism. Craig reportedly fueled up on carbs and protein before and after his workouts.

Supplements Taken

In addition to his strict diet and workout routine, Craig reportedly took the following supplements:

  • Creatine – for muscular recovery, strength and size
  • Glucosamine – for joint health
  • Glutamine – to improve the immune system and aid with muscle recovery
  • Whey Protein – for muscle tissue repair and growth


Whatever Craig’s official workout was, it came under the supervision of a trained professional. Do not try his workout routine unless you have been properly trained, have significant experience, and have been medically cleared to participate in vigorous workout routine. Also, check with your doctor before trying some of the supplements that Craig took, although they are widely accepted among health and fitness professionals. Tailor a diet that best suits your goals and daily requirements.


For the most “ULTIMATE” supplements for Men’s Health and the “BEST” WHEY protein by far please vist: http://www.AwakenYourBody.com
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