City Scene – it takes more than two to Tangoo

Like the dance,Tangoo is a metaphor for moving in a meaningful way across ones city. It embodies effortless and meaningful movement while always knowing the next step.

Tangoo’s mission is to make Vancouver a more fun and connected city.

Tangoo is the brainchild of Sauder School of Business alumni Henry Heeney and Paul Davidescu with one purpose in mind; to help Vancouverites get the most out of their evenings. The goal was to design a perfect evening out with a blend of distinct people & places, authentic food, stiff cocktails, and ultimately, great memories. Henry and Paul dreamed up the concept of Tangoo after visiting beautiful Barcelona and realizing that Vancouver’s social scene needed a boost. They had to find a way to ease the pain of disastrous last-minute group planning and the difficulty with meeting new people around the city. They succeeded!

Tangoo made the Globe and Mail’s TOP TEN Vancouver Attractions.

Cheers everyone!
Cheers everyone!

By being a part of a Tangoo evening you’re treated like a VIP where everything is taken care of beforehand so you get to enjoy a hassle-free night out.   I’ve enjoyed two Tangoo evenings so far and look forward to many more.  It’s a great way to meet new people, experience the best of Vancouver venues with drinks, appies, dinner, transportation (if required by limo, taxi or ferry boat depending on your location) and ending up at a popular nightclub.  Most places are within walking distance of each other which makes for easy access.  They offer Gastown evenings, or places in Yaletown for example and are expanding to more and more locations like the recent West End & Granville Island. They seek out the drinking and dining gems of Vancouver with groups of 30 or more seated within the same location for easy conversation.

The view at Ten Ten Tapas - our location.
The view at our location – Ten Ten Tapas.
Friends Georgina, Rosa, handsome Paul & me.
Georgina, Rosa,  Paul & me at Ten Ten Tapas

HOW TO Tangoo: It’s easy & for everyone – just select a night and venue from their calendar & book online which takes care of your 3-course meal and two drinks with tax & tip already included in the final price.  How nice is that?

Plan your next weekend out at:

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