Feel-good Friday: mingle, shop, eat, drink, dance, love

When it rains, it pours…literally in Vancouver

Blue Tango Project
Blue Tango Project

It’s never a good idea to double book appointments but you might have to if it means going to the opening of a swanky USA new to Canada flagship downtown department store called Nordstrom (don’t worry Holt Renfrew, we’ll still see you once in a while) and another event featuring Vancouver’s top chefs and award-winning winemakers joining forces to create mouth-watering plates perfectly paired with delicious, complex BC wines. Decisions, decisions. I try not to spread myself too thin but such is life! 

Should I take shooter before or after shoe shopping?
Should I take a shooter before or after shoe shopping? Nordstrom Vancouver


I really like this wine glass holder
Red Shoe at The View – my kind of wine glass holder
A tasting pairing
A tasty pairing – one of many

Then there’s music and Argentine tango combined with soulful singing, haunting harmonica, and fabulous flautist (flute by lovely Astrid Sars– she produced this show).  Last night at the Orpheum Annex (with an amazing sound system by the way) I witnessed a collaboration between Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté on guitar and vocals, and California harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer. They call themselves the Blue Tango Project and they celebrate the deep spiritual bond where tango and the blues merge together.  Their on tour one-stop in Vancouver show featured original songs mixed with oldies by Louis Armstrong & Leonard Cohen while scenes of Buenos Aires played on a projector in the background and an elegant tango couple (Deborah & Santiago I think they only have first names) appeared in a few sets.  I’ve been to Buenos Aires twice so this was definitely tango magic!  I’m looking to take a few privates soon….to brush up so to speak.

María Volonté
María Volonté

Last but certainly not least, Jack is Back!  I don’t know for how long exactly but my little Jack Russell terrorior is staying and playing with me.

uh ohh!
uh ohh….I smell trouble!

It should be a good long weekend.


the Loving Spoonful(s)
the Loving Spoonful(s)

ChefmeetsBCGrape: I was too busy mingling and sampling to take many photos but the event was FABulous.

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