Wisdom: The Power of Aroma

THERAPY: ‘Flower Power‘ is more than just a catchy phrase: it reflects the potent healing properties of aromatic essence.

It’s interesting to note that as far back as medieval times in the Middle East, medical texts took note of the fact that people who worked in perfume and incense shops were the only ones who never succumbed to the various contagious plagues that periodically swept through the ancient world, and even today it is often noted that clerks who work in fresh flower shops rarely seem to catch the flu and other infectious ailments.

The smoke produced by burning white sage, used by native tribes of North America for purification, sublimates the dense, heavy energies generated by negative thoughts and conflicting emotions and lifts them away from the body, thereby clearing the human energy system.

Meditators throughout the world use incense to enhance their practice due to the balancing effects it has on human energies.

Aromatic essences extracted from flowers and medicinal herbs have been used for millennia to cure disease and balance human energies. The volatile aroma extracted by a flower or the essential oil of a plant carries the essential energy of that plant in the air in a way similar to negative ion energy, and this energy is assimilated into the human system through the same sensitive olfactory receptors in the nasal passages.

Depending on their natural affinities for various organs and tissues, different aromatic essences may be used to cure specific diseases, balance particular energies, and stimulate various functions. This is the basic principle involved in aromatherapy, but it only works when using aromas derived from natural sources, such as plants and minerals. Artificial fragrances have smell but no *chi.

*chi: The circulating life energy flow that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things.

How do you feel when you have fresh flowers in your home? Do you use floral essential oils in your bath or skincare products?

Excerpts taken from “Helping you Transform Your Life” by Ken Lauher