Life/Style – Doggy Style

It’s at times like this that I wish I had a second dog.  Specifically a Chihuahua.dog7  A cute little female that I could dress up like I used to do with my Siamese cross-dresser cat when I was a child okay, a teenager.  I could have started the whole trend.  He was a fully grown male that looked like a baby wearing a pink bonnet and frilly dress (taken from my doll collection).  He didn’t seem to mind. dog1dog2

Fast forward to last Saturday when I strolled around Yaletown and discovered barking babies for the very first time – a lifestyle store for the hip and canine.  Of course it’s hip, it’s in Yaletown.

If I had brought my mid size sheltie along he would have come across like a bull in a china shop with all the dainty little doggies
dragged in by their Lululemon wearing owners.


dog4 - Copy

So definitely, yes, I can see myself shopping here on occasion.


And I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before the designers have full blown seasonal canine runway shows.  Can’t you picture it?  I wonder what the resort collection would look like.


This is a BIG business. People treat dogs like children. There’s a theory that people who dress up their dogs miss having actual babies?  Do you think that’s true?


Photos: d. king