style & design – are we taking FUR too FAR?

The French luxury house of Céline has always been synonymous with class and quality.  Then I came across this ad in “W” from the spring 2013 collection.Wordpress

While we always wish for designers to make shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable, has Phoebe Philo (designer for the house) taken things too far?

For a fashion show which entertains fun, shock and presentation to get the brands basic message across, I can understand these furry Birkenstock like sandals and slingbacks.  However they look like hippie shoes with furry blue and white trim. Sure, they are probably heaven for our feet, but would you ever actually wear them?

And, while the spring pumps are a more traditional silhouette, who will buy these shoes?  *I cannot imagine where I’d wear them – maybe by the pool if I had one.

Hmm...but they do look comfy.
Hmm…but they do look comfy.

Here’s someone else’s take:  If Big Bird and Elmo were cross-dressers and were looking for shoes to match their feathers and fur – perfection!  Hey Céline, I’m still a fan but I’ll pass on the shoes for now.  The bags…now that’s another story!

*Says the same girl who recently purchased these sensible “go with anything” turquoise suede shoes.

but Please don't step on them!
but Please don’t step on them!