ART in a Heartbeat

Balloons always remind me of birthday parties or open houses.  A cause for celebration!balloons5

An art installation of 100,000 white balloon clusters, sculpted into the shape of magnificent clouds…or one glorious bubble bath.

Let me explain….Covent Gardens has commissioned French artist Charles Pétillon, famous for his playful balloon ‘invasions’, to create his first ever installation in a public space called “Heartbeat.” A pulsating light beams into the installation a little like a heartbeat which is meaning to indicate the notion of Covent Garden as one of London’s most central structures. balloons3

An incredibly photographic display.  Wish I were there to see it in person.  But just like a heartbeat… has come and gone.

And just like a heart…balloons break

Photo: d. king (Kits Beach)
Photo: d. king (Kits Beach)

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