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**After 11 years at their 6th Ave location Heather Ross [ in house ] has recently moved & rebranded their art salon/boutique to heather ross (natural eclectic). See address below.


NATURE is a constant source of information for Artist & Designer Heather Ross who is known for her wonderful sense of color & keen eye.  Her paintings, while abstracted, draw upon the elements of earth, water, air & sky with soothing color palettes.


Her boutique is a favorite amongst designers, art directors and decorators who covet Heathers unique vision & the way she brings unexpectedly beautiful items together with warmth & sensitivity.

good2In her inviting space she creates a compelling mix of new and old.  Lush pillows, antique textiles and unique finds from the flea markets of Europe mingle with contemporary ceramics, fresh décor & endearing gifts.  Her clientele will discover art in her paintings and photos which grace the walls in an inviting atmosphere.good4good3

Here is what a few magazine’s have written:

This is the thinking decorator’s dream shop.   I could not extricate myself from its intelligent, captivating spell.  It has the feeling of an underwater garden, inspired no doubt by Heather’s upbringing on the coast and her love for all things natural’

Heather (right) & sister Janet (left).
Heather (right) & sister Janet (left).

“Heather Ross [natural eclectic] conjures a home dressed in driftwood hues, vintage finds and elegant objects… rather than a typical store, poured concrete floors, clean white walls and a purposefully raw atmosphere form an uncluttered setting for her restrained vignettes”
Canadian House & Home Jan 2010

“One third each evocative gallery, chic boutique, and European Atelier, Heather Ross (natural eclectic) offers an eclectic collection of hip items for the home.”  Style at Home Magazine

AND I add to that “you must look up at the ceiling.”

Heather is currently working on a book & design blog, The Natural Eclectic™

New Location is at 2170 Fir Street at 6th in Vancouver  (they’re just getting set up).

Stay connected & inspired at heatherrossnaturaleclectic.com


décor & design – The Doors

Tuscany Door 8

Tuscany Door 7Part One – DOORS OF TUSCANY

Tuscany Door 2

Tuscany Door 1

Tuscany Door 5


There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors – Jim Morrison

When one door closes another one opens…

If eyes are the windows to the soul then an open heart is the door to all possibility.

 A new door is like a new gift, you never know what you’ll find once you open it.
If the Price is Right you can buy the door and find out what’s behind it!
We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney
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décor – aquarium window

So I don’t own an actual aquarium BUT I do have the next best thingan aquarium window.

A fish tank offers a serene feeling so I tried to create something along those lines by sticking plastic fish decals to my bathroom window.

It might appear childish but it’s my little way of re-creating the tranquility of a genuine fish tank.

The only problem is the fish never move but it’s very pleasant to look at with a theme of beachy  shells and rocks on the mantle. The coral was found washed up on a Jamaican beach.  I could use more fish!

Do you think this is a crazy idea?
What would you stick on your windowsill?

One thing to another – transform this!

décor – Schizoid Living Room Disorder: one room two looks

Tired of the same old, same old? Want to give your living space a fresh update? Why not transform it into two completely different looks?  Not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Made warmer with colorful accessories

Pillow covers are a beautiful accessory and if you slip on new covers over the pillows you already have then you can change the look quite drastically.

Same room but WILDER

Then hang a completely different wall hanging or painting and switch up the area rug in place of the one you now have.  These items are easier to store than buying a new set of furniture.

Voila! – two completely different living rooms.

Do you like to change your space?  How would YOU go about it?

décor – bed, bath and way beyond

At Room8                                                                                                                         Italian design is all about self-expression! At ROOM8, they believe that everything should be an expression of one’s personality.  I’m especially intrigued with their exclusive selection of made to order flat screen TV’s – where the TV is not the main focus.

This mirrored cabinet, made to order, hides a flat screen TV

Framed Flat Screen TV- Mirror in bedroom
This is a BED
Art Wall





Japanese porcelain, paper and silver leaf bowl

That’s not all –  ROOM8 Kitchen Showroom is designed to give prospective buyers an opportunity to experience the uniqueness of each kitchen style. The lines currently on display were selected to show some of the most intriguing and technically demanding design execution in the industry today.  From book-matched veneers in exotic woods, frameless, glossy and satin glass doors to the minimalistic 45° transition between counter top and door; these collections represent the most current trends in kitchen and bath design today – and they still have a hidden gem for those looking for something more –100% WOOD by Effeti, assembled from select logs of chestnut from Provence using a centuries old millwork technique – no screws!

Located at 110 – 1706 W 1st Avenue | Vancouver | BC | V6J 0E4 | T 604 734 1323               | F 604 734 1387











décor – Intriguing Interiors

MINT is unique furniture + beautiful objects

MINT Interiors was created by Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma with a vision to bring to Vancouver truly original furnishings that help people create homes that are extensions of their individuality. We believe that your home should reflect your personality and act as a sanctuary from the speed of modern life.

MINTeresting pictures
lights and hand made mixed-media bags
Wall paper has never looked this good

or more in vogue

coffee table

local designs

beautiful feather pillows

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