Movie theatres going to the Dogs

We’ve taken in so many things here in Palm Springs to do with food, architecture, art and fashion.  But never before have we taken our canines into a movie theatre – until now.

Warm and fuzzies all around and let’s not forget the pupcorn.

My friend Tammy bought two tix to this NY Dog Film Festival® which is an annual philanthropic celebration of the love between dogs and their people and also the animal welfare groups that bring them together.

Tammy and Timbit, who loves a good Dogumentary.  Photo: d. king

Layla, along with Tammy’s two beautiful Bichons (Timbit + Angel) had never been to the movies so this was our opportunity to take them to the Festival –  a two-hour program (with a short intermission after the first hour) of stories about canines that are dogumentaries,  animated or narrated  from around the world. 

It was awesome, especially preceded by a little cocktail party, which always comes in handy.

Layla was in a bit of a bitchy mood but that was probably because when she first jumped up on the seat, she fell right through the crack.  That was a first. Photo: d. king

The Festival premieres every year at a theater in New York City and then travels to theaters in select cities across the United States and Canada, with a portion of every ticket benefiting a local rescue devoted to canine welfare.

Real Show Dogs: Angel and Tim wanted to make sure to get priority seating. Photo: d. king

We might give it another go next year.  Tim is anxious but the other two can take it or leave it – unless they’re in it!