Flying High in Vancouver

Leading up to Canada Day which is every July 1st, I thought it a good idea to showcase some exciting & inspiring local events and businesses.I began with a little write-up on Vancouver’s “Bard on the Beach” our first-rate Shakespearean theatre group which brings tourists and local community together by filling seats to capacity every afternoon/evening until the finish in September.

Yesterday I decided it was time to do another flying trip over Canada.  In a matter of minutes not only did I experience the trip of a lifetime flying over the great rockies, Niagara Falls and more…but I also flew over the American Great Wild West.  All without leaving my seat.  Let me explain.

Gift Shop + Restaurant on Premises

Fly Over Canada is located at Canada Place – which is an iconic landmark located in the heart of Vancouver’s waterfront.  We know it as a venue for world-class events, home port to the Vancouver-Alaska cruise lines, Vancouver Convention Centre East, Pan Pacific Hotel, FlyOver Canada, World Trade Centre and more.

Canada Place

FLY OVER CANADA is North America’s leading flying ride.

Last time I was here was at least six or seven years ago where I experienced “Fly Over China.” “Fly Over Canada” experience is always showing, however they add another country or area of interest which shows for only so long before they switch it up.  If you’ve never been I urge you to go.  A bit pricey but totally worth the trip.  You’re strapped to a moving seat suspended, feet dangling, enveloped by a 20-metre spherical screen which gives you the feeling of actually being on the journey as they’ve captured thrilling, authentic footage of real locations so riders experience those locations as they truly are.

Using advanced technology to showcase awe-inspiring sights as you’ve never seen them before incorporating special effects — including wind, mist and scents.

I’ve flown and driven all over Canada as well as the American West like all the places shown on the ride…but I’ve never seen them like this before.  Totally Thrilling!

No photos or video allowed.



Monument Valley, Arizona

Experience the West at its wildest. Glide over vast prairies and towering peaks. Dip into valleys where untamed rivers rush, and buzz through electric urban spaces pulsing with energy. Limited Showing: April 21 – June 26


Soar across Canada from coast to coast to coast. Sweep over Niagara Falls, vast prairies and massive mountain peaks to see Canada like never before.

An Out of this World Experience – afternoon at FlyOver Canada

If you live in VANCOUVER or are just visiting you must experience the HOTTEST NEW ATTRACTION over at Canada Place.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

 I went with three others yesterday and absolutely loved it.  It was so thrilling and you really feel like you’re flying and can even feel sensation of the elements.  I loved it so much that I wished it lasted longer.flyovercanada2

It’s the ULTIMATE VIRTUAL FLIGHT over Canada’s most spectacular sights along with a limited time same admission price, Flight of the Dragon ride over iconic Chinese sites.  flyovercanada1

You will fly above the electrifying city of Shanghai, the snow-peaked Himalayas, and the majestic Great Wall before immediately lifting off again for an absolutely amazing flight over Canada (including Niagara Falls and the Rockies), as part of this limited-engagement event.  I can’t say it enough….it was extremely exhilarating.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king – this is where you ENTER to Experience the Thrill

See Flight of the Dragon (for a limited time only) and FlyOver Canada back-to-back!

January 14th – March 6, 2016
Daily from 10AM until 9PM

What to Expect

Giant Raindrop Sculpture Photo: d. king
Raindrop Sculpture Photo: d. king

Start your experience off in our pre-show room, where you will see beautiful festive theming and still images of Chinese New Year celebrations.  Then, buckle up your seatbelt and get prepared for the virtual flight ride. First, follow a mythical dragon as you soar over some of China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery during Flight of the Dragon, a unique 6 minute flight ride experience. Then, stay seated and take off again to experience, the Ultimate Flying Ride, FlyOver Canada, a thrilling virtual flight ride that takes you across Canada from east-to-west. Both rides incorporate state of the art special effects including wind, scents and mist.

The complete experience will last between 20 – 25 minutes.

Entrance/Show Times

Entrance times are every 20 minutes

Please note that the queuing area is partially exposed to the elements. Please dress accordingly for the weather particularly on weekends when it’s possible there may be wait times. To purchase tickets now, click here!