Destination: Galiano

I can now cross Galiano Island off my places to go to list.  It was the only remaining one of all the gulf islands in British Columbia left for me to visit, and luckily the dogs and I were recently and happily invited to spend three nights at a beautiful ocean front home belonging to friends Joanne & Geoff who also happen to be our neighbours. They’ve been going for a number of years and now I understand why.  Their location is unrivaled but Galiano in general has such natural rocky beauty and there’s even a white sandy beach. It is referred to as the untamed Gulf Island and the wildest due to its mountainous geography, rare plant population and generous forest reserves. Plenty of wildlife too. It’s the closest to Vancouver of the southern group of Gulf Islands. Much of it is protected from development thanks to community initiatives from a tight knit group of concerned property owners.

Lunch and Dinner served outdoors with a view you can never tire of.

Galiano is also the driest in the gulf, getting more sunshine than the mainland and most of coastal B.C.  It comes with peaceful beaches, wooded trails, a nine-hole golf course, artists’ studios & galleries, marina and a world class restaurant in the forest. Oh the restaurant by the way deserves a separate mention. It was that good.  But unfortunately I cannot give you the secret recipe for Geoff’s special gin martinis on the rocks…..literally. We were sipping them on the rocks.

I had to take a photo of my bedroom. A little too hazy because of the wildfires to see the water, but the ocean is right outside the window.

And I will soon tell you about an upcoming workshop offered by Joanne, a life coach and our hostess with the mostest who makes a mean everything salad with goddess dressing.  With a background in the arts, Joanne is a founder of The Gulf Islands Film and Television School.  Her upcoming workshop along with co-facilitator Wendy Sidwell is not only very interesting but will prove to be very helpful to most individuals so stay tuned…






Lifestyle: Vancouver/Gulf Island Living

Ahhhhh…the life of some people!

View from house on Piers
View from living room – house on Piers Island (Gulf Islands in the distance)

Spending the summer in Vancouver near the beach makes me feel like I don’t really need to escape.  The weather has been perfect and with plenty of picturesque places to walk, run, rollerblade, ride a bike or just relax in a chaise lounge, why go anywhere else?

but I didn't want my deck shoes would go to waste
because I didn’t want my deck shoes to go to waste

But having said that, I just came back from spending three amazing days & nights on two little hidden gems.  The first day/night was spent with a friend who lives on Prospect Lake where the water is warm enough to swim in and we watched a resident bald eagle at fairly close range. And we ate very well.

Prospect appies that houseguest Bill prepared - cordon bleu style
Prospect appies that houseguest Bill prepared – cordon bleu style.  He even made homemade elderberry jelly.  I don’t even know what an elderberry looks like but the jelly is superb, especially on homemade pecan smoked duck breast. Oh; he also made goat cheese filled siljans with roasted red pepper & garlic jelly…yeah!
Next door neighbour flying high
The bald next door neighbour is a member of the extra mile high club

The last two days/nights were spent on a friends oceanfront property on Piers Island which is a little island near Sydney, B.C.  There are only about 40 permanent residents and about 123 ocean front lots. We took his boat from Canoe Cove and landed on his doorstep about a 15 minute ride dock to dock.

From dock to deck. On Piers we didn't go very far.
From dock to deck.  On Piers we didn’t have far to go – to get to where we were going.

Soooo I can be an island girl as it turns least for three days.  A break from the city is a nice change and doing nothing but taking in the view, eating good food while taking in the view and walking the dogs while taking in the view is really as good as it gets.

Prospect View
Prospect View with a bowl of homemade soup

There were two dogs on Prospect and three on Piers and they were in doggie heaven. Piers has no cars so we could take them off leash through the trails. People leave boxes of unwanted stuff outside their places with notes attached that say “help yourself.” Someone left a bike and our friend was going to buy one so we ended up bringing him the one we found.  At least I’m hoping it was meant to be taken (it was).

From the back of the house on Piers - to the trails
From the back of the house on Piers Island – to the trails that feel like you’re in the country

Many arty people who have little work studios and make jewellery and glass objects live there.  More people tend to paint and make jam in these places.  Come to think of it, the last time I went to Gabriola to visit a friend we overnighted on Saltspring, left with a bag of quince berries from a B+B we stayed at and went back to Gabriola to make quince jam…because that’s what you’re supposed to do in these quaint locations.  Take it easy and make jam.

Bill made me a Nespresso Cappuccino Fantastico
Bill made me a Nespresso Cappuccino Fantastico.  Those machines are a great investment.


Tea Time on Prospect Lake
Tea Time on Prospect Lake

What is it about these small islands that brings out your artistic side? 

Is it because you have more time on your hands or is it simply a better place to be?

– Only no time will tell –

I tried to load one more little thing from the wheel barrel to the boat....looks like I'll have to wait.
I tried to load one more little thing from the wheel barrel to the boat….looks like I’ll have to wait until next time. Hope that time is soooon.

Photos: d. king