Forever Daddy’s Girl

They say a son is a son till he takes a wife

But a daughter is a daughter the rest of her lifeMYDAD

That’s true, so here’s what I’ll say about my dad

With all his good qualities he could still make me mad

He threw caution to the wind and was a gambling man

But he was kind, generous to a fault, funny and naturally tan

Played a mean game of cards and could really shoot pool

But above everything else he was nobody’s fool

He would give you the shirt off his back, his very last dime

He had a good appetite but he would never drink wine

He looked like a movie star and drove fancy cars

Frequented certain clubs but never went to bars

He painted, was smart and even skipped a few grades

A fun loving prankster with personality in spades

He was a ladies man until the time he met my mom

He never wanted to get married but she was the bomb

He was planning to be a bachelor for life

She ruined his plan so he made her his wife

He would stick up for me with the bullies at school

I was embarrassed then, but now think it’s cool

Used to pick me up from clubs late at night

Would see to it that I got home allright

I was wondering what kind of man I would meet

Who could ever come close enough to compete

It’s not a competiton really…but still

It meant finding someone who fit the bill

I will forever miss his laugh and his face

Because a father like this you can never replace

They called him Blackie and he was my dad

He’s no longer here which makes me so very sad

Everyday,  but especially today. Daddy’s Girl Forever!

My dad was a character.  He thought I was beautiful, capable and smart.  He told me he once got out of  a speeding ticket (a regular occurrence) by distracting the cop by showing him my photograph.  He never got charged. Just an example of the kind of person he was.

I am the eldest of two other siblings.  We were blessed with salt of the earth, very loving but overly-protective parents with good values that we took for granted since I’ve come to realize in this day and age it is not the norm. It grounds us and makes us who we are – very close, family oriented (even with no children of our own) good gracious grownups but very childish at times. Because of our upbringing we look out for each other, our partners in life and will put up a fight to make things work out the best we can.  Sometimes we can’t but the intention is always good from the heart.  We share that in common.  Sometimes we argue and fight but always make up in the end.  We can decide to break the mold but our parents are the ones who set it.  We were very lucky.  Maybe that explains why…

I’d rather be an older man’s princess than a younger man’s slave