Home décor – tacTile ideas

Armenian hand painted tile from the old city in Jerusalem

Tiles as Art?  Why Not?

Sometimes you want to bring a souvenir art piece back from certain travels but they’re too cumbersome.

Mexican tiles imbedded outside front door to resemble a decorative door mat





Consider nice hand painted tiles that are little pieces of artwork that represent a country you’ve visited instead.

Tile over fireplace





They’re easier to pack and will adhere to the wall with tile cement quite easily.  Granted, if you move it will be harder to take them off but at least you didn’t invest much in the first place.



Also it’s another excuse to go back and get more.

To decorate a door

From Jamaica – ackee  is the national fruit of Jamaica – over stove top cooking elements

Petroglyph from trip to Utah

Italian tiles up staircase

Tile on upper deck bought at Home Sense

Framed Mexican tile on upper deck

Live one day at a time – outside

Pretty & Useful – on tumbled Italian marble kitchen countertop.

*TIP: Tiles travel well and can double as trivets for hotplates or cooking utensils while cooking.