Monday Mood Board #15

secret supper club – birthday surprise

Lisa + Debbie

It was that time again. My sister flew to Palm Springs for my birthday which was on the 19th.  We had the pleasure of meeting a very talented entertainer at a local nightspot  who told us about this secret supper club.  Of course we were intrigued.

The idea being slightly ‘”diner en blanc like” but only in the fashion that it’s in a location that you only find out about hours before you go.  Although they told us the location was close enough to where we were staying.  All we knew was the price, which included a gourmet four-course dinner and that there would be fabulous entertainment, and a theme.  And that it would be special. And maybe somewhat campy, but definitely one-off.





A secret location behind a secret door which was RED.  We went to Rouge.