Scene in the City – Old meets Nouveau

“One Love” for food and beverage at
651 E. 15th Ave @ Fraser St.

at E 15th Ave. and Fraser.

This old but “up and coming” area of East Vancouver is quickly becoming the new “hot spot” with an eclectic array of funky places to check out.

Even though establishments like the “Lion’s Den” cafe and “ClayZone Ceramics/Sculpting Gallery” (previously Heaventree Art Gallery – but with same owner) have been there for many years.

Inside the ClayZone at 661 E. 15th @ Fraser

These two places have had a cult like following from the beginning but with the addition of the newly popular French Bistro “Les Faux Bourgeois” it has gained a fresh clientele.

Owners Ken & Junko

Lion’s Den” has quite the fusion menu with it’s mix of Caribbean and Japanese cuisine or Japaribbean. Most of the time Ken, the friendly Jamaican owner will greet you with a wise crack as his Japanese wife Junko works her magic in the kitchen.  Right now every second Saturday chef “Big Al” originally from New Orleans is in the house to cook up Southern Fried Chicken, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Catfish and Cornbread as only he can. There is of course the story of how they got the name “The Lion’s Den” but you’re better off going in person to find out as told my Ken himselfLive jazz on Fridays.

I love the colors in these clay designs.

On the block you will also encounter design geeks and coffee connoisseurs alike at “Matchstick Coffee Roasters”, a tasty “Gluten-Free Epicurean”, “Che Baba Cantina and Yoga Studio”, “Spool of Thread” where you can buy fabric and be taught how to make something out of it.

Unique one-of-a-kind pieces at ClayZone

Art Galleries offing art classes and magic of clay for all ages and jewellery making classes at “ClayZone Ceramics and Sculpting Gallery” with owner Aline Beth Marshall and other local artists. 

Beth instructs a student at ClayZone
Gluten-Free Epicurean
Art and Sewing classes for a rainy day

Something to Discover!

SOL in the City

VANCOUVER HAS SoL  – Sun Belt Cookery

You’ll want to go even if it’s not your “LAST SUPPER”
Owner Gordon Martin standing next to cuban artwork.   Bin There….Done That!

This is the latest creation from restauranteur Gordon Martin of BIN 941, 942 and “go fish” fame. 

Located right on the seawall with an eclectic mix of modern and rustic recycled furnishings, cuban artwork and excellent food you know this place is a winner!


The magnificant mermaid inside the entrance was created out of a 250 year old California Redwood tree and one chainsaw.

Seaside Dining with Stanley Park in the background.
Inside the Restaurant

Outside seating with heat lamps, live jazz band and deejay on the weekends.

What’s not to like?

Located at 550 Denman street on the seawall (old Crime Lab location).

Inside / Out

Scene in the City – a jappa gem

1538 West 2nd – that IS the name….as well as the address!

1538 West 2nd in Kits

Heading towards “Go Fish” for lunch I noticed a lineup starting to form so wandered back a bit and found this little gem of a restaurant.

A perfect lunch – *ITADAKIMASU!

The sign said “Japanese Curry” but when I went in to order it they had just run out.  My watch said 12:15.

I ordered instead the drunken chicken over green-tea soba noodles and salad with chilli-lime vinaigrette.  *Oishi-desu!

*Practicing a bit of Japanese

Two of my favorite colors – Pink and Polka Dot

They served it alongside a tiny individual Japanese teapot with green tea.  What a lovely touch!

I want my own with a polka dot cup.

All this while listening to vintage Bob Dylan surrounded by ZEN minimalism.

Like the sign says…it was quick, healthy, delicious and the staff very friendly.

A much better alternative to fish ‘n chips.

bamboo background

They just made a new customer.  I’m going back for the curry next time..but before 12:15.

just because…’s so clean

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Monday to all you fellow Canadians!

Scene in the City: Not to be Seen

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be blind or to have limited vision?              If you had the opportunity to dine in complete darkness would you?  Are you looking for adventure?

Introducing Vancouver’s New Extra Sensory dining Experience:

Already a hit in major cities like London, Paris, New York, L.A. and Montreal, blind dining is finally coming to Vancouver, offering a unique opportunity to experience dining a whole new way – IN THE DARK.

An evening at Dark Table will take you on a culinary journey through uncharted territory, where the familiar – food, drink and friends become a wonder to be explored and discovered, as if for the first time.  Without the sense of sight; the sense of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified, allowing a new perception of reality.

How it Works – Upon arrival in the lite lounge, take your time and choose from a first-class menu rivaling some of Vancouver’s best restaurants.  When you’re ready, you’ll be led to your table in the dark dining room by a blind, or visually impaired server who has been trained to ensure your comfort at all times.  Once seated, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust to the darkness and truly give yourself to this extraordinary experience.

No light producing technologies are allowed in the dining room, including flashlights, cellphones or luminous watches.



So when are you making a reservation?