Shania Twain: “Queen of Me” Concert Tour

Let’s go Girls!

This will give you an idea of the fan base. Photo: D. King

Can’t beat the energy of a crowd of crowd pleasers at an uplifting concert with an outstanding performer with a story to tell.  Such was last night’s gathering of dressed up girls and the dazzling performance by one Shania Twain and company at her “Queen Of Me” Tour.”

It takes a village.  Aside from the obvious fact that Shania is beautiful and extremely talented, she is surrounded by world class musicians and a stage production staff who set up what can best be described as a glittery Las Vegas style production.  Not surprising, as she had a prior residency in Las Vegas.

Rock, Country, Country Rock and bridging the gap in between:

Twain received the Music Icon award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards. As the top-selling female country pop artist of all time, Twain was honoured for her record-breaking career which has spanned over four decades. With enormous hits like “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!,” Twain has expertly bridged the gap between country and pop music, leaving an everlasting impact on the music industry and pop culture.

Shania and Live Nation have announced that $1 of every ticket purchased to Shania’s “Queen Of Me” Tour will be donated to SKC. Established in 2010 by Shania Twain, SKC provides services that promote positive change in children’s lives in times of crises and economic hardship. SKC provides children with one-on-one consultations, academic support and group activities, as well as nutritious snacks and meal programs where needed, all while in the safe, confidence-building environment that is the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse. These children are learning the skills to cope with and overcome family hardships which, in turn, improves their ability to succeed in school. For more information about Shania Kids Can, please visit:

Watch her Documentary: Shania was not without family hardship.  Her life story and what it took for her to own her power and rise above adversity and despair is as heart breaking as it is compelling.  She is so deserving of her fame and fortune.  She works hard for the money.  And she’s generous.

Photos: D. King

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That did impress me much!