Personal Post – why I love Christmas


 I truly BELIEVE in the “Spirit” of Christmas – that’s right!  It used to be all about the excitement of getting presents under the tree and the anticipation the night before of waking up the next morning to find what gifts traces Santa left….like cookie crumbs on the plate.  As kids you don’t have to rush around madly looking for the latest gadget or toy…your job is to receive. The complacency of getting. Wasn’t that nice?


Of course if Santa got the WRONG toy, doll or game you’d make a big stink about it – didn’t he get my list? What is wrong with SANTA?


Now we’re somewhat all grown up and it’s our turn to do the gifting.  Not an easy task with so much pressure from media, store windows, etc. …..well it’s everywhere on the street.  How did this significant holiday get so out of control?


Do we ever stop to think that maybe we put the pressure on ourselves!  Maybe we don’t have to follow set rules and can keep it more simple.  That’s not to say gift giving is off entirely – most definitely NOT….I still have a wish list but it’s gotten smaller.  And giving as it turns out can be a very pleasurable and meaningful thing to do.  Some ideas…


What about offering something to the parents of children who cannot afford to buy presents for them? Don’t be a Grinch! Toys, books, clothes, games, you name it – this is the time to be charitable.



The magic of Christmas for me now is the warm feeling that this time of the year (minus the cold) brings where people show their appreciation by getting together for some good cheer and neighbors have open houses when they otherwise would not.

Seems like most of us are  in a good frame of mind.


But what about the homeless?.  How about donating blankets, food and clothing to the homeless or a woman’s shelter?  How about adopting a loving pet from the humane society or even fostering an orphaned elephant (but not at home) for only $50.00 Find out more at:

AND what if this ONE day of the year could instead be ALL days of the year where everyone is in a good mood, nice & obliging and open houses abound.  Wouldn’t THAT be nice!

…speaking of store windows here are some shots from window shopping on 4th Ave.

well maybe not my dessert.
well maybe not my dessert.    This is Moule


You can window shop on the inside too right?
You can window shop on the inside too right?  Meuse
Yup...that's right but try to keep it quiet.
Yup…that’s right but try to keep it quiet.