Feel-good Friday: the girl with the XXX Tattoo!

At a recent gathering my friend and I could not help but notice a girl who had her back turned towards us.  A very interesting back it was.

I just got back. Photo: d. king
I just got back           Photo: d. king

Unfortunately I cannot read Chinese so my friend Margeaux and I approached this girl and told her how much we admired her tattoo and her exposed back in general and would she please mind explaining to us the meaning.  There were two meanings.  I have to admit that the first meaning as beautiful as it sounded I cannot remember (it was a wine tasting event after all) for the life of me.  Actually we didn’t fully understand what she said but I’m sure it was as meaningful and as spiritual as the one which we clearly understood.  Food for Thought:

Strong Souls have Wills, Weak ones have only Wishes.

One more thing…the tattoo wouldn’t look the same written in English.  We would have a lot of figuring out how to frame it – along the width of your back or spiraling downward.  Either way, it shows more beautiful in Chinese characters.

What do you think about tattoos in general?

HAPPY CANADA DAY to my fellow Canadians!


I’m in Whistler with a longtime friend who I first met while working in Tokyo, before she moved to London, England.  Lots of catching up to do.  She first flew to San Francisco just days before BREXIT became official so we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of that.

Have a wonderful weekend!