Personally…what does it take to be more ZEN like?

To be perfect you need a perfect ph balance.

zen1It sounds so calming and perfect…like being in “the zone” (a state of flow-like existence with increased focus and attention for obtaining higher performance levels – in a nutshell).  In true yoga or meditation especially you need that kind of concentration and awareness, but in day to day life with a fairly short attention span how easy is this to accomplish?  Can it be learned or does it automatically come from within?  Just asking.zen2

Sometimes you want to remain cool and together but then something happens like the car breaks down just before an appointment or the sale you’ve been waiting for all of a sudden gets cancelled…and your whole world turns upside down.  Okay, that’s a huge exaggeration, but you know what I mean.  How do you refrain from going crazy keep calm when life’s little annoying problems keep cropping up?

 For some it will be effortless, for others not so smooth sailing.  But YOU CAN achieve this state.  I read that to really become more Zen-like you must be more like…….water?? 

Be like Water…..
When you consider our human nature and nature itself— it’s very hard to ignore the significance that WATER plays in our world and life. And, upon further review, what you are likely to notice is that the highest and most notable Zen traits very closely mirror those of our most valuable and notable natural element— WATER. H2O = 2-H, 1-0 (2.1)

To be Zen-like is to embody the characteristics (the habits) of water. Okay, I don’t have a problem with that.

Water and Zen are:

balanced – adjusts to pressure/ environmental influence always finds equanimity. Perfect ph balance
 – it’s strength on a molecular level and supernatural level is legendary
 – water always find a way. relentless and persistent
soft – very soft
no harsh edges (how’s your character hard/rigid?)
transparent – 
truth is always ultimately apparent. clarity provides focus
slow – can move quickly but it’s nature is slow, steady
deliberate – no confusion of it’s intentions
consistent – water always behaves in the same manner
formless – adapts to surroundings. is flexible and malleable… gas, liquid, solid
natural – does not try to be anything other than it’s own true nature
cohesive – it’s sticky and strongest when bounded with like substance. recognizes the value of teamwork
solvent – simply known within science as the universal solvent
effortless – may be the most powerful and persistent natural force yet accomplishes everything with natural easezen3

The only true aristocracy is that of consciousness.”  ~D.H. Lawrence

Okay, I’ll give it a go.  What do I have to lose.…after all, it’s only WATER!