Still in Sonoma………

AND if you have time for just two wineries in Somona make sure to visit Gloria Ferrer Vineyards. They make some incredible tasting pinot noirs – some of which you can only buy on the property.  Their 2007 estate grown & bottled Pinot was given a ’94 point rating by the “wine enthusiast” which is one of the highest ever.  As a matter of fact i’m having a glass right now as i’m writing this.

God I hope they're dog friendly! We'll take him to AA on the way back.

Did I mention that we were there as soon as they opened their doors at 10:00 a.m.? It’s always 5:00 o’clock somewhere right? Breakfast consisted of a pour of Chardonnay (just to make sure it was as good as I remembered from the last time) and a wine filled truffle.  Biting into the truffle was like those brandy filled chocolates where the liquid just pours out. Wasn’t expecting that –  delicious.  Hope it’s not true about you are what you eat……….

inside the winery

My new BFF is IN-N-OUT –  best fast food fix for burgers – but the fries are terrible.

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