Sanibel Island, Florida is Frommer’s Top Tourist Destination

Bowman Beach – the little dot is JiaJia

 Yesterday we went to Sanibel Island which is not too far from my uncle’s house.  What a gorgeous stretch of beach!  They have 250 different kinds of shells so naturally I picked some since I collect hard to find shells. We took JiaJia for his birthday to the Island Cow restaurant where he had the child’s portion cheeseburger (since he’s under 10) with the cheese on the side.  Then we let him run wild on the beach.  Every now and again he manages to break loose from his leash.  See photos.

 Arther Frommer (from Frommer’s series of travel guide books) ranked Sanibel Island, Florida as his #1 favorite travel destination.  Hard to believe but here’s what ranked second and third:

 #2 is Bali, Indonesia

#3 is Paris, France

 This is what he wrote in his 2011 travel guide:

 Off the west coast of the Sunshine State, a few miles from Ft. Myers, is an idyllic haven of white-sand beaches, condos where seafront apartments are available for weekly rentals, excellent restaurants, good shopping – and the most important, the Ding Darling Nature Preserve, visited by thousands of birds of every species, who bask in the sun after diving for fish, and are one of the great natural sights of wildlife in America.

He never mentioned the traffic and the other kind of wildlife called “snowbirds”.

  On our way

After our birthday lunch
Run, run…… to work off lunch

 Photos: d. king


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